How Your Mobile App Keeps You Top of Mind w/ Customers

Stay Top of Mind with Customers via a Business Mobile App

Mobile apps help businesses stay top of mind.

You have a lot of competition out there, meaning that you always need to focus on making sure that you’re doing whatever you can to earn and keep attention for your customers. It probably won’t surprise you, but a mobile app is going to be key to doing just that. That’s only going to be more so as time goes on.

How does a mobile app help customers?

Do you know that expression “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”? This is the truth with apps. If you are using your app to always be at the front of mind for your customer, they’ll automatically think of you first when they are in need of something. Here are some of the top reasons just how that’s going to work.

Push notifications

First and foremost, when people hear their phone ding, they check it. This means that if you are sending push notifications to them, they’ll see them and think of you. It often can serve as a reminder, too, that they need to stop by and get something. Plus, it shows that you care about them and their needs.

Personalized alerts

Take it a little bit further by sending them personalized alerts. If they waitlisted an item, for example, then send them a notification when it’s back. Or, send them notifications for when a discount on one of their favorite services or products comes back.

GPS-designed sales and discounts

If they are located near your actual shop, send them GPS-designed discounts or sales, for example, a 24-hour sale at a store near them. It can often show them that you care about their loyalty. Plus, customers love a good discount.

Boost their experience and satisfaction with AI

AI can be annoying, but one good way to make it work in favor of your app is to use it to answer questions or direct them to pages that they’re searching for, for instance. These immediately start to pick up on how your customer uses the app, so they’ll actually find the AI helpful instead of annoying.

Make communication easy

Most importantly, having an app makes communication easier. Customers can ask questions through it and get answers quickly. It’s also a direct line of communication which will really help separate you out from the competition — in a good way.

Not all apps are the same

Your business mobile app may work a little differently from others, especially when it comes to meeting customer needs. There’s nothing wrong with that! Regardless of how you use it, getting it professionally designed and executed is going to help you make it the profitable and well-loved feature that it was meant to be.

There’s never been a better time to invest in a mobile app. If you’re looking for a way to always be the right choice for your customer, then make yourself totally irresistible and easy to remember with your professionally designed mobile app. It’s going to do all of the things you want it to, and so much more!

Should you already have a mobile app, GREAT, now be sure you do the work to market it as well as to train yourself and your employees to better understand and use it so you are better mobile app stewards for your customers. Contact UMA with any questions you may have and schedule a discovery session with us today!


I founded Unleashed Mobile Apps with the goal to help small business owners bring their visions to life.
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