The Mobile App Development Process w/ Unleashed Mobile Apps

What We Do

The App Development Process

What's Expected to Happen

You take a look around and notice how many people are constantly utilizing their phone.
You think to yourself – “Should my business have an app”?
You do some market research and decide
“Yeah, this will be a good idea!”
You find a developer, you give them your bullet point list and BOOM! You have an app!
Now You’ve got an app people are buying, and business is going better than ever.


What Really Happens

You see the potential of having an app.
If your lucky enough you’ll find a good developer.
You will then begin the meeting where you will need to decipher tech lingo, by the end you will hopefully be happy with the final demo before launch.
You’ll get the final invoice and part ways.
But then you’ll find yourself asking, how do I use it or monetize it? Or how do I manage it for maximum return on investment? You’ll realize developing the app is only half the battle. But don’t worry.

You've made it!

You've made it!
Welcome to Unleashed Mobile Apps – the mobile app strategist company that helps at any stage in the process. We’re here to help you take control of your app and start monetizing it for maximum return on investment. I’m Nancy, the App Mama, it’s nice to meet you! Now comes the magic through the App-Solutely System.
A: App-driven P: Performance P: Profit – S: Strategic O: Opportunity L: Leverage U: User-friendly T: Targeted engagement E: Endorsement L: Loyalty Y: Yield-enhancing


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