What separates Unleashed Mobile Apps from the rest?

Who We Are

Founder of Unleashed Mobile Apps, Nancy Lucchesi’s work centers around helping other small business owners bring their visions to life. After several decades of business experience, primarily in sales, Nancy finds joy and satisfaction in helping other business owners succeed. She considers small businesses the heart and soul of this Country and believes they play a key role in strengthening local communities.

Nancy’s favorite part of her work comes when her clients succeed in growing their businesses through mobile application technology. Nancy is an avid Packers fan and loves to travel, especially when it leads her to a beach.

What Makes Us Different

Wondering what a mobile application can do for your business? Think about this: Consumers spend more time on their mobile devices shopping, scheduling appointments and looking for information than ever before. People use 2-4 mobile apps daily to function in their daily lives.  While we find that certain industries do better with mobile apps, most small businesses are able to create a mobile app that will meet the needs of their consumer.

With a mobile app tailored for your business you put your company right in the palm of your client’s hands. Consider features such as push notifications, loyalty programs, shopping apps, event planning, reservations and more! When you keep your customer engaged, you keep them coming back. And that increases your bottom line.

Unleashed Mobile Apps was founded with the small business in mind. We help small businesses compete with the larger corporations on the mobile app platform. Because when you are afforded the same type of  service, via mobile application services, to your customers that the big box corporations have, you can compete. We provide this with options to meet your price points and purpose. We love helping businesses with a loyal customer base stay in contact with them, easily. Having a mobile app for your business will save you time and money and likely increase your bottom line due to efficiency, productivity and added value to your customer base.

Why Work With Us

Whether you want to turn cancelled appointments into paying customers, provide easier appointment setting, turn extra inventory into extra income, treat loyal customers well with incentive programs, make checking into your establishment easy and rewarding for your customers, we can help. We move your marketing from passive to powerful and a rewarding experience for everyone.

We will app-solutely keep your customers coming back.

Apps aren’t magical, they are mobile.

You don’t have to be local to work with us because we are committed to supporting small businesses to help them thrive. We are proud members of and very involved with the Greater Brookfield Chamber of Commerce, Local First Milwaukee, Polka Dot Powerhouse and eWomen Network. Working with small businesses is what we are all about so check us out and then reach out and contact us today!