ReallyLinked™ The Free App that Gets and Keeps Customers

We asked Jerry Acuff, the CEO of Delta Point, Inc. why he developed the Mobile App ReallyLinked™ and how it can take your networking to the next level. Here’s Jerry explains it in his own words and shows us how to...

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You. Don’t. Own. Anything. By Pat Miller, Small Steps Solutions

We asked Pat Miller from Small Step Solutions to share his recent experience which changed the way he does business. Here is his story: This is a short story about what I learned in Jail and how it transformed how I...

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How Mobile Apps Can Save Your Trip | Amanda Haggerty – Guest Post

Earlier this month, we sat down with Amanda Haggerty to discuss her recent experience with travel and mobile app technology. I was on a press trip for the past week in Mexico, so I spent some time in both O’Hare and...

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App Mama live interview with Spotlight on Your Business

Spotlight on Your Business – Live Interview with The App Mama

The App Mama went live on Facebook with Becky and Natalie from Spotlight on Your Business. Check it out. Lots of great wisdom sharing with these business ladies.   Becky: It’s wonderful to get to meet you. We bring you to...

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