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ReallyLinked™ The Free App that Gets and Keeps Customers

We asked Jerry Acuff, the CEO of Delta Point, Inc. why he developed the Mobile App ReallyLinked™ and how it can take your networking to the next level. Here’s Jerry explains it in his own words and shows us how to maximize success using his ReallyLinked™ tool.
Linking your connections and keeping in touch with relationships
Depending on which study you look at, experts report that we lose somewhere between 4% and 10% of our influence with our most important business relationships every 30 days that we are NOT in touch with them. Out of sight and out of touch really can mean out of mind. The challenge most of us have is that it is hard to stay in persistent, relevant contact unless you have a process or a system that prompts you to stay in touch with your most important business relationships with routine frequency. One of my closest friends calls one person, texts one person, emails one person and writes one person every day. He is staying in touch every 30 days with 120 people. He uses a paper system which I found very inefficient for me. That actually was the reason we developed ReallyLinked™. The app is free and available for iPhonesand Androidsand it makes staying in touch very easy. The going-in assumption is that your most important contacts are most likely in your phone. So, the starting point is to decide who are the most crucial relationships that you want to maintain, nourish or develop. The app has a maximum capacity of 150 contacts because allegedly that is the maximum number of contacts it is possible to manage. For example, I have over 11,000 contacts on LinkedIn but when I actually pressure tested the ones that are CRUCIAL to my success, that number is 90. Those are the 90 contacts I put into the ReallyLinked™ app and are the ones I want to never forget to be in touch with. It is super easy to download contacts from your phone and put them into the app. They DO NOT leave your phone. The contact is still on your phone and you can even view it by touching “contact details” on the ReallyLinked™ contact profile. There is simply a different contact profile in ReallyLinked™. That contact profile is much richer than your phone profile. There are 2 sections where you can make notes about the person (as much as you want to write), There is a link to the person’s LinkedIn profile as well as a link to Google with that person already searched when the link is activated. You also have numerous options on how often you want to stay in touch with someone and the ReallyLinked™ icon on your phone will tell you daily the number of people who you are intending to contact and connect with. When you touch that icon, it takes you to the people that you are to contact that day. Once you select any person in that shortlist you can choose how to connect AND never leave the app. You can call them, text them, email them and send an email with “meeting request” in the subject line. The key to keeping and getting more business is to stay in contact. The text, email or call can simply be to say “hello and, how are you?” Or “just thinking about you today. What’s up?” The main point is that you are NEVER out of touch. Another really important function in ReallyLinked™ is that there is a contact history for every contact. Every time you miss contacting that person it is captured. Every time you connect in any way on the day you are supposed to it tracks exactly what time you connected and how you connected. The powerful aspect of this function is your ability to go into the contact history and make notes on what your purpose was, what you discussed, what you want to discuss next time, etc. and you can write all you want. If you use this function routinely the app really functions like a networking app that also has some simple yet powerful CRM capability. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t value networking and building valuable business relationships! It simply makes doing business easier and more fun so the ReallyLinked™ app makes it easier to maintain the level of influence you have worked hard to establish. ReallyLinked™ can make that easier to do than any other tool we have found. AND IT IS FREE! Here’s how to see if ReallyLinked™ is an app that makes you more productive, helps you keep customers and get customers: Download the app and put 10-15 of your most important business relationships into the app and start touching base with them using the app. Watch what happens. As you see the level of interaction heighten with those you are connecting with you will very likely want to add all of your important business contacts. Try it, you will like it!
Want to connect with Jerry? Reach out to him at:
Jerry Acuff CEO of Delta Point, Inc. jacuff@deltapoint.com Regional Office 5 Great Valley Parkway Malvern, PA 19355 877-805-7909

How Unleashed Mobile Apps can help

Well, we didn’t come up with or create this app but like most, we keep in touch with people that compliment our business, can help our business, whom we can help and so forth. So, should your business have an idea for a mobile app or need to get your business mobile, growth will come and we can help. Contact Unleashed Mobile Apps and let’s chat about your biz growth goals, ideas and get something started.
I founded Unleashed Mobile Apps with the goal to help small business owners bring their visions to life.
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