Mobile Apps for the Win to Connecting in this Day & Age

Communicating for the Future

Mobile apps are the communication tool for small biz in the future

The fax machine was once an innovator – a noisy one at that. The buzzing device could easily send a message or a copy to your client in a matter of seconds or minutes.

….Enter Email

Email revolutionized communication making fax machines a technological dinosaur.

Fast forward to now and even email seems somewhat arbitrary. Why send a lengthy message to a client when you can send a quick alert to their phone? Especially if it’s an alert they should will see right away.

Not everyone has their email notifications turned on – junk mail being my personal reason for not doing so.

Innovation via Mobile Apps

So now companies are innovating communication through their own personal apps as a means to communicate with their clients with up to-the-second information. Or apps to help keep the team informed, project management, intra office messaging, etc.

“One of our core principles is to have a clear communication strategy for clients,” said Bob Bachelor of Entasis Asset Management. “Historically we’ve communicated with clients through email, our website and social media and this provided another great avenue of communication to get information that we wanted to share with our clients in a method that they prefer.”

Entasis Asset Management knows what their clients want. And for those who don’t want to opt-in to notifications, that’s a simple fix.

In a world bombarded by nonstop messages, phone calls and emails from Nigerian princes looking to give away an absurd amount of money, it can be difficult for businesses to wade through the noise.

By taking the path less taken, being ahead of the curve can revolutionize your business strategy before the rest of the world gets into the game.

“We know that everyone is extremely busy and by having information readily available at their fingertips we believe we’ve greatly benefited from having clients who are much more engaged with our content,” Bachelor added.

Even if you aren’t looking to communicate with clients on a daily or even a weekly basis, knowing how often they are using mobile apps is crucial to moving forward in our technological whirlwind of a world.

Phone Calls v Push Notifications

Phone calls can give people – young people especially – anxiety. Being able to send a quick message to a business through their app is a game changer.

How nice would it be to be able to take a quick 30 second break from work to book a last minute hair appointment, a spa day or a night out with friends?

That 30 second action replaces the sometimes time consuming nightmare that is being on hold. *GASPS*

Customers appreciate businesses that value their time and their patronage. So show a little love to your loyal clients by offering a new way of communicating with them.

You’ll be glad you did!

Contact Unleashed Mobile Apps so you can communicate more effectively with potential customers or your loyal customers in a means that is non-intrusive and just the way they want to communicate!

I founded Unleashed Mobile Apps with the goal to help small business owners bring their visions to life.
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