Community Bark Takes Takes Rewards Digital via Mobile App

Community Bark, Bayview, Makes Their Punch Card Digital!

See how a community oriented business uses mobile app digital punch card

If “dogs are man’s best friend” then a mobile app has GOT to be man’s best backup.

“Lost and found”

Have you ever been to your favorite coffee shop and realized that you left your punch card — and therefore your free drink — at home?  Let alone lost it! GASP!  With so many reward cards, key tags and systems now it’s impossible to keep track to take advantage of the great things they have to offer.

Community Bark Success

That is what Mary Kilpatrick of Community Bark thought when she decided an app was the best decision for her community oriented business.

If people had a punch card for us they’d forget it somewhere or leave it at home and end up with five different punch cards, Kilpatrick explained.

And you bet her customers jumped at the chance to download Community Bark’s new app.

“They (the customers) like that it’s digital and in their pocket,” Kilpatrick said. “If they’re in the car and thinking they want a play date they can do it right then and not wait until they get home and forget like I would.

“Our goal then is to take the app to the next level.”

Even the most paw-fect human companions can’t really speak dog, but the best they can do is speak fluent customer-ese. The best way to do that is to always be one step ahead of what the customer wants which is precisely what Kilpatrick did with her app.

Now she’s planning on what she can do next to keep her furry friend families happy.

Next Step – Keeping Schedules Full

Kilpatrick said their next step is to make a system that notifies people of a last minute cancellation. That way Kilpatricks’ crew members’ schedules stay full and customers score some kind of discount.

“We’re trying to create some specificity for it,” she explained. “…To give incentive to keep using it (the app) not only for the rewards system but maybe downloading photos of the dogs or submitting questions or suggestions about improving the app or the store or anything you can imagine.”

Kilpatrick’s strategy of being ready to make changes before her customers are clamoring for them is the best one when tackling topics of technology.

Since technology is so rapidly changing all the time it feels like a never ending cycle of re-learning or re-calibrating the way we do things. But take Kilpatrick’s way of doing things in stride and know that your team is always there to have your back.

If that team happens to be Unleashed Mobile Apps you are in good hands knowing that there is always someone watching out for your business’ interests when you have other tasks to do.

And when other clients refer us to you, like they did with Kilpatrick, know that their recommendation means they have your back too.

So, don’t wait on your clients to chomp on the bit, provide what they need before they even know it by contacting Unleashed Mobile Apps. We can help get your business on a track to success and growth with an amazing mobile app with features that will blow them away!

I founded Unleashed Mobile Apps with the goal to help small business owners bring their visions to life.
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