MORE Must Haves: Features for a Successful Business Mobile App

More Must Haves: Features for a Successful Business Mobile App

There’s a lot of pressure on your app to get everything perfect, but everyone’s definition of perfect is going to be a little different.  So how do you how find a way to accommodate that perfection when you are trying to focus on your app’s design.  Last time we talked about some of the features of a successful business app in Most Necessary Features for a Successful Mobile App, and now we’ll delve deeper into more of them!

MORE Features for a Successful Mobile App

This one might sound a little obvious, but it is still important.

An app that actually solves a problem

If you are going to be searching for a way to use your app and to make sure that it’s well-received, you’ll want and need to ensure that the app is going to solve a problem!  Your business is filling a need, so focus attention on ensuring that the mobile app that you’re providing is going to address that!  There are some apps that just offer one simply to say that they have one.  This can not only lose customer respect but also lose your business. Customers don’t like to be tricked!

Personalization is key

There’s nothing that a customer loves than personalization!  From name/username options to color schemes to the actual jobs of the app itself, allow your customers as much personalization as possible!  This will be just what you want and need to show them how much you care.  It also means that they’ll prioritize your app over something similar that doesn’t allow for that personalization!  It’s going to matter a whole lot more than most people think, so find a way to allow customers to personalize your app.

Social interaction and sharing should be easy

From one social media platform to the next, you should be easily able to share content across multiple platforms.  This will support each user in sharing your business with someone that they think is going to like it.  Since customer referrals continue to be one of the strongest things that you can have going for you and your business, the easier it is for them to share content with those that they love, the better.  Put it somewhere easy and keep it no longer than a few taps!

Real-time analytics can help you learn from your mistakesMore features that make up a successful business mobile app

Analytics are integral to understanding what’s working and what isn’t.  The longer that it takes to get them, the more out of touch you get with your customers’ wants, and the harder it is to gain them back.  So, focusing on real-time analytics will help you see what’s going on behind the scenes so that your users can help you understand what they like and dislike.  It’ll give you an inside scoop on what your next app update should include!

There’s no such thing as a perfect app, but there is a business-oriented one that is going to earn you more sales than the competition.  If you want to be that person that has everything under control and is earning the business that they deserve, you’ll want to look no further than this list as your must-have features!

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