A Mobile App & Real Estate Professionals - The Benefits

The Benefits of a Mobile App for Real Estate Professionals

learn more about how a mobile app can propel your real estate biz

There’s an app for everything.

From where to get the best deal at stores to finding your way around a local or foreign city, apps have taken over the world of commercialism. While it’s not talked about as much as other uses or industries, real estate is a wonderful opportunity to put a properly designed app to work.

The top benefits of apps in real estate

The secret is that there are many advantages to using an app in real estate. Below are some of the top ones to help you see just what’s at the tip of the iceberg.

All your financial and specialty resources in one hub

Whether you’re looking for first-time home buyer programs, financial incentives, mortgage specialists, and even notes on these programs to help educate potential buyers on what they should know about their options for financial breaks, etc. It’s all there in one hub that you can search in and locate the right resource with a few keystrokes.

Full home listings on your screen

Imagine being able to access MLS and IDX right from your phone. Not just the skimmed-down version but the entire listing. An app can help you do that so whatever information you need about the listing is instantly there for use.

Access local information per neighborhood

A lot of clients want to know specific information about the neighborhood. Using maps and other kinds of data, you can show them where the schools are, which malls are closer, the typical gas stations, convenience stores and etc. It helps show what they (and you) want to know with real-time updates and accuracies.

Smart online calendars

Instead of struggling to find the right time for everyone to be able to attend the showings and viewings, you’ll be able to simply offload that responsibility to updating your schedule in an online app and having them slot themselves in whenever it works for you.

Integration of similar listings

Since apps are built-in with great filters, you’ll be able to offer up listings to your clients similar to what you’ve shown them. For example, other homes in the neighborhood. Or similar homes to this one, but in a different neighborhood.

Promotes better communication

Best of all, the app is going to help them to enjoy their access to clients even from afar, allowing for easy sharing of details, listings, and communication, all right there in a neat and tidy app instead of dodging between text messages, emails, and voicemails.  One place, one app!

Cater to a younger generation

There are many avid potential homeowners that exclusively use mobile apps to research and find things. If you have a mobile app, they’ll be more likely to use your service over your competition. As well, it shows the greater marketplace that you are ready to shift your business needs to that of the potential customer base.

The mobile app you need

Even if you didn’t think of it this way before, it’s easy to see just what the right app can do for your business convenience, the appreciation of your clients, and just general comfort for your day-to-day proceedings.

When you want to make things as simple as possible, consider a mobile app for your real estate business, and all of the ways that it’ll support your business!

Contact Unleashed Mobile Apps with help to get started on your first or next app! Whether you are just getting started, stuck in the middle and can’t finish, got abandoned from your prior mobile app developer, or just need some help getting your app off the ground to include marketing and training, we can help.

I founded Unleashed Mobile Apps with the goal to help small business owners bring their visions to life.
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