How to Best Launch Your Business Mobile App with Ease

4 Marketing Tactics for Your Mobile App’s Launch

Ready to launch your mobile app, here's how you can get started

Did you start marketing your app when you first started to create it?  No problem, let’s help you out with our recent blog – How to Start Marketing Your Mobile App. It’s totally understandable that you’ve been so busy with your business and up to your ears in the ins and outs of app development that you never really prepared your sales plan or your audience for the arrival of your amazing business mobile app.

However, now that you’re at the Launch phase of producing your mobile app, we wanted to share a short list of what you should prioritize when marketing your app. So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

4 Marketing Tactics for Your App’s Launch Stage

Landing page

You’ll want to steer your audience to a sales page about your app. A compelling landing page on your website should include not just the features of the app, but really emphasize the benefits users will gain from its use. Will your app save them money? Great! Talk about the great things they’ll feel and do with all that extra money. Or how wonderful less financial stress will feel once they’re using your app!

The landing page should tell your audience how to use the app. Video is great for this! It could be just 20 seconds showing how to get signed up, or you may need a variety of clips showing different features available. Definitely have a form for visitors to get more information or ask questions – that’s a great way for you to expand your audience for the future, too! For a more complex app, you might have them subscribe to a series of tutorials delivered over time.

Finally, if the app can be downloaded directly, include that button. Otherwise, list all the places one can get the download and make sure they’re hyperlinked for an efficient experience.

Use it in your advertising to set you apart

Hopefully, you’ve been hyping up your app on social media platforms as it’s been in development. If not, NOW is the time to start generating interest and downloads via all of your social channels. You’ve got an audience already following you, they’ll be glad to hear of this great addition! Don’t be afraid to talk about your app frequently; it takes people up to 7 times hearing/seeing the information to actually register it.

You can change up your messaging or paid advertising to include your mobile app launch. Think of the many ways your business can help customers even more by having it. Tell them why you are a better choice than working with or shopping from the competitors, how you’ve made things faster, easier, more personalized for YOUR customers by developing this app.

Include customers in the process

On that note, make sure to include your customers in the journey! People love to feel included and valued. Have yourself set up to receive feedback about the app and invite people repeatedly to submit how they’re using it, how it has improved things for them, and what they’d like to see added.

A great thing to do is to give a shout out to community members who give valuable feedback! Acknowledging and tweaking your app in response to constructive feedback is a win-win. It shows that you really do value your customers and that you’re being transparent. It’s a great way to improve your product and gain loyal customers.

Consider a discount or incentive for the first 100 (or 25, or 1000) to download. Maybe your app lends itself to having ‘Founding Members’, or ‘Patrons’, or some other designation that appeals to the audience and creates a sense of urgency or exclusivity. Perhaps you could feature users who most consistently use your app with a ‘member profile’ in your monthly blog.

Find what fits your situation the best and keeps your audience engaged.

Pitch to get featured/reviews

Beyond your own community’s influence, above, you can use industry movers and shakers to generate interest in your app. Locate the platforms that would be most pertinent to your audience and your app. It may be one of the tech review sites, like TechCrunch or Gigaom, or it could be a curator from the App Store or Google Play. You can almost always find an editor or podcaster looking for content ideas who would be happy to do a story or interview about your app.

Reach out to groups that already have a following of people like your ideal audience. Use their stage, newsletter, or microphone to introduce your mobile app to more people. This method, to is a win-win, as, once your audience grows you are likely to be sought out as the influencer!

Then, be sure to bring that all full circle, engaging the audience again, by requesting reviews that you can publish to add credibility to statements made about your app.

This is not an exhaustive list of marketing you can do for your mobile app. However, if you’ve got these in place, you’ll be in better shape than most!


In upcoming posts, we’ll talk about steps you can take in building and sustaining the market for your mobile app, as well as why Not All App Developers Are Created Equal.

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