Marketing Videos from Your Blog without the Hassle: InVideo

Marketing Videos without the Hassle: InVideo

learn how to brand your blogs into video with this tool

If you’re like me, you use blogs to reach as many people as I can to teach them about what I do, help them succeed at what they do or simply blow off some professional steam from the week. But, let’s be honest, not everyone reads blogs.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Social media has made us into image hungry people. We love to be inundated with images and videos and a lot of the time we aren’t super interested in reading even if it’s clever or important.

Luckily there is a company we’ve started working with that is on a mission to reinvigorate your blog’s life. It’s a real game changer!

They’re called InVideo and they are the innovators of the blogosphere.


If you’ve ever used Canva or Adobe Spark (which we mentioned in last week’s blog too) InVideo is very similar. They offer templates and over a million video/photo options to bring your blogs to life. Your blogs go from text to attention capturing video in record time.

How to make your blogs pop – using video

Their versatile software doesn’t break the bank or take a lot of time to navigate. In fact, using their program will save you a ton of time if you’re already converting your blogs to video on your own.

Think of InVideo as your blog helper. You’ve already done the major lifting by putting your ideas to paper, now transform your pieces into a new way of storytelling. This way your messages are getting across while reaching a wider scope of audiences!

Your blogs will pop and grab more attention. In the end, that’s the main reason to write blogs. Getting noticed as an authority in your industry attracts more traffic to your site.

Don’t miss out on viewers or readers

Your blogs will no longer miss out on the folks who would rather watch a cute cat video than read your piece no matter how insightful it may be. Editable custom videos are a great way to capture difficult attention without giving up ownership of your brand and your unique voice.

Think about your own habits. How many times do you pause to watch a video rather than read an article? Probably more than you realize.

But don’t just take our word for it. Take this testimonial from Sony Music senior director Sanujeet Bhujabal:

“Our YouTube channel has seen a massive boost owing to the use of InVideo’s scale-able technology. Our customers are especially happy with the sing-along videos.”

Just like your blog reads with your brand specific voice the videos you create through InVideo will speak the same language. Your unique brand fits into these personalized blog counterparts like a hand in a glove. They’re meant to work together to make your work stand out among a sea of internet distractions.

Right now the brand is largely used by India companies which means it’s almost a secret weapon for businesses in the US. Getting on board with an innovative technology ahead of the curve is one way to show your competition that you’re ready for anything.

Inform, Engage, Standout!

And, speaking of standing out, getting your business in front of more eyeballs in a captive manner can be done with mobile apps. Contact us and let us help you with your branding and your mobile app development.

I founded Unleashed Mobile Apps with the goal to help small business owners bring their visions to life.
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