Celebrate Holidays with Your Customers

You see them all the time on social media. The random celebratory images that circulate all year or every year for certain holidays. Half the time they’re populated with Minions or random cartoon characters or low-resolution copies from a haphazard Google search.

But when it comes to your business’ social media accounts are you recirculating the same tired images to celebrate holidays or different occasions? If so, probably stop doing that. Why? Because if you’re sharing someone else’s image no one is seeing your own take on the event. You should be sharing your own content so others share it too.

That’s social media marketing 101 – create value in your posts so others share them too.

While a background in design is helpful there is nothing stopping you from creating your own celebratory tributes. With websites like Canva and Adobe Spark at your fingertips it’s easier than ever to put your own brand online. These websites, among others, give you a wide variety of templates as a starting off point as well as access to thousands (if not millions) of copyright free images to use.

Marketing experts will tell you that images are crucial to social media success. This Medium piece by Online Logo Maker from 2017 summarizes why you need images to keep followers following. It’s particularly important to share images that you’ve put a spin on because as it gets shared around socials you’ll get credit and, hopefully, more followers and customers as a result.

You don’t have to share the same old fireworks pictures you share every year on the 4th of July. This year we shared both a quote about patriotism as well as a stylish 4th of July greeting we created from a template on Spark. Our celebratory posts were unique just like us. We posted a nod to the kinds of posts others were making and also shared a sentiment we thought would resonate with folks on the holiday.

For your business celebrations can be big and boisterous or reserved and solemn. What’s great about creating your own images is that they can totally reflect the style you want to portray.

Instead of giving another account the traffic you could be garnering from a shared image it’s wiser to make and share your own. We wholeheartedly support sharing content from other businesses, but when creativity and a jovial holiday spirit strike you may want to take a few moments to craft your own sentiment.

After all, your followers are following you for a reason. Show them how you celebrate!

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