Visual Content is Your Best Friend & Why You Have To Use It

Visual Content is Your Best Friend

be sure you put yourself in front of your customers with visual content

Unsurprisingly, the best way to get your created content noticed online is by utilizing visuals.

That seems like a no-brainer, but according to an article by the Search Engine Journal only 23% of 500 small business owners surveyed by Visual Objects ranked visual content as “highly effective.”

Visuals make you stop

If you think about it though, that number should be much higher. How often do you find yourself looking at online content without visuals? Images are eye-catching. They make the reader stop and pay attention when they could have easily bypassed your content. So it should go without saying that visual content is important.

In fact, we would argue it’s the most important and effective tool for capturing the focus of new customers and old alike. It is worth noting that 55% of those surveyed also said they plan on investing in visual creative content this year.

If you agree that creative visual content is vital for strong marketing and outreach, peruse this recent Forbes article for some advice about the best ways to utilize that content. Forbes also has its own ideas about how vital visuals are in strong business.

According to Forbes:

“Visuals rank above blogging and videos as the most important type of marketing content, according to the ‘2018 Social Media Marketing Industry Report’ by Social Media Examiner, which surveyed 5,700 online marketers. Furthermore, 68% of marketers plan to increase their use of visuals in the near future.

The ‘2018 Social Media Marketing Industry Report’ by Social Media Examiner, which surveyed 5,700 online marketers, found that 32% believe visuals are the most important form of content. Furthermore, 68% plan to increase their use of visual images.

Marketers have gotten the message: They need to make visual communication a fundamental part of every campaign…”

Just like the billboards of yesteryear (think Mad Men) the trick to selling is still being recognized by the general populace. Whether to you that means investing in your own brand of inspirational quotes, infographics or memes or anything else you think of in the visual realm, it’s important to take advantage of what grabs a customer’s attention.

So get out there. Choose a palette, a theme, frame of reference and whatever else you want to throw into the mix. Create a visualization plan and get to it. Social media might always be there, but your customers won’t!

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