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You’ve heard of house flipping, right? Taking something with good bones and making it better rather than just tearing it down and starting over? That’s a good way to look at social media too.

Especially when it comes to Facebook, when some businesses created their business pages ages ago, sometimes you need to take a fresh look at your page and ask yourself if anything isn’t working.

Marketing Land has a ton of advice for making your social media in all platforms as strong as it can be. No surprise though that their advice about the best face for Facebook pages is front and center near the top of their article. Why? Because first impressions only happen once.

When it comes to putting on the best first impression face, Marketing Land has the following tips:

  • Unique name
  • Unique logo
  • URL with your site’s name
  • Cover image
  • What your site is and what it does (usually in an “About” section)
  • Contact information
  • Link to your site
  • Pictures that capture the essence of your site in the gallery

You’d be surprised how many business pages I come across that are missing even basic information. No about section? No way to get to your website? These things seem like the very first things I would put in a business page. In fact, they’re a few of the very first things you’re asked when setting up a new business page.

Facebook has over half of the internet using population, 2.32 billion, as users. That is a lot  of people you have access to. Even if you are a small mom and pop shop in the middle of North Dakota, don’t you want to have a professional looking page?

There isn’t anything simple  about social media anymore. It isn’t an option, it’s a necessity to access a whole other group of consumers.

You want someone to look at your Facebook page and take your business as seriously as you do! Even if they may never come into your store or buy your products, you want to leave a good impression on anyone who stumbles upon your work.

“There are billions of users in the world, but your target audience will be only a fraction of that,” Marketing Land says. “Design your updates to click with the people you want to bring to your [web]site.”

On top of making sure your business page reads as “professional” you want to ensure that what you are posting to that page matters to your customers or anyone you would consider a potential client/customer. Make sure that whatever kind of page you decide to curate that you stick to your plan, theme or business priorities.

After all, your followers are following your business for a reason. Keep them around by giving them what they came for.

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