Make Your Mobile App Work Better for Your Business

Making Your Mobile App Work For You

Whether you’ve got last minute appointments or too many chocolate chip cookies, your mobile app by Unleashed Mobile Apps can do that extra leg work for you.

How mobile apps help with the leg work

We turn cancellations into paying customers.

We turn your extra inventory into extra income.

Your customers will love being able to snag a last minute deal on their pooch’s monthly trip to your salon because your family is coming into town. With a mobile app you can reach your customers with up to the second offers which websites and social media can miss.

If customers engage with your app they can take advantage of your special offer in that one convenient place. No clicking through social media promos to your website to an order form.

Just one click can take them where they need to be – and in today’s busy world what could be better?

From bakeries to fitness coaches, dog salons to the neighborhood hole in the wall, if customers are coming back time and time again – why not make them feel even more appreciated?

We help keep loyal customers, loyal.  That is just one reason why mobile apps are so crucial for businesses with return customers!

By offering discounts or special offers through your app, already loyal customers are rewarded for being loyal.

At the same time you may be opening your business up to new clients!

Perhaps someone downloaded your mobile app with the intention of ordering products from you in the future, but then it slipped their mind. Offering a special last minute discount could be the best way to introduce new clients to everything you have to offer.

If you aren’t selling mattresses and hoping customers will return every decade or so you can only benefit from continuous communication with your customer and their community.  After all, that’s your community too.

Contact Unleashed Mobile Apps to help push your business into the future, keep your current customers and loyal clients, build a bigger business with new customers, reach more people, reward and notify via your mobile app… and more. Let us help propel you in this NOW driven world, and stay visible!

Should you need help with marketing your new mobile app or training your team so they can better market your app, let us know, we do that too!

I founded Unleashed Mobile Apps with the goal to help small business owners bring their visions to life.
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