Mobile Apps Are Necessary & the Stats to Prove It

Mobile Apps are Necessary and Here are the Stats to Prove It

There's an app for that, don't miss out by not having one

Perhaps you’ve dabbled with the idea of creating a mobile app for your business, but you haven’t entirely made the jump yet.  It’s understandable, but you’re going to have to give that another hard look because mobile apps are really considered necessary.  It’s not just talk anymore; there are formal statistics and everything.

Why a mobile app

What an app can do

To lead you down the right path, let’s take a look at some of those statistics in detail.

Mobile apps can help your business by:

  • bringing in new business
    • 51% of people find a new company or product when on their smartphones
  • bringing in some serious advertising cash
  • incentivize customers
    • over 100 billion hours were spent in shopping apps
  • show customers that you’re the real deal
    • 98% of apps are free to download and offer great ROI

There are many ways that you can use an app for your business to help bring in new customers, too.  Bringing in new customers, reach potential customers and keep current customers happy in a modern tech era is a huge win win, for your business, and them, as long as your app provides the value they seek.

Apps are now more standard than websites, and companies who choose to bypass them are losing out on all of those benefits listed above and the customers that go along with them.  So, it’s something to seriously think about when you are looking to bring in new business or provide value to your consumers.

What the numbers actually mean

The thing is, these numbers are for recent years.  That is, this year’s numbers will be even higher.  The time is now to get in on a mobile app because most of your customers and potential new customers are not only comfortable on an app, they have come to expect it.  The longer that you don’t have an app, the harder it will be to jump on the bandwagon later.  Your competitor is likely already reaching them. GASP!

The future is in apps

Simply, you need to seriously consider having an app in development.  No longer are they just for playing games or dating. They’re for marketing, shopping, and business uses.  With the numbers showing what they are, it’s only expected to continue to skyrocket.  This takes an app from being optional to being strongly recommended, if not necessary, no matter what industry you are.

Another thing to think about is that you don’t need to start out immediately with an intense and “perfect” app.  You can start out with a simple one that focuses mainly on education/value and brand awareness.  Grow from there.

The Unleashed Mobile App team can help you build an app that is going to be suitable for your needs from the very beginning to its actual delivery to the customer and even training your team.  Apps won’t need to be the same for every business, so ensuring you have an app that meets the needs of your target market, your business and industry is a must.

Even if you think it’s not something you’ve needed, the numbers tell a different story.  The good news is that you’ve never chosen a better time to get in on the app market.  It also isn’t something that you need to do alone.  Contact UMA and the #AppMama to help you along the way, wherever you are in your mobile app process.

I founded Unleashed Mobile Apps with the goal to help small business owners bring their visions to life.
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