What is Geo-Location / Geo-Fence Marketing?

What is Geo-Location / Geo-Fence Marketing?

Learn more about geo location and fencing marketing for your business

Marketing and its uses are ever-changing.  New technologies and approaches are coming out every day and that leads many who start to fall behind quickly.  So, if you’ve never heard of geo-location or geo-fence marketing, then you probably aren’t the only one.  Here’s what you need to know.

What is geo-location/geo-fence marketing?

As you might be able to guess, “geo” connects to geography.  This is a marketing approach that’s dependent on someone’s geography as the main approach.  Geo-location would refer to the actual location relying on an IP address.  Geo-fencing is when the GPS signal is used, which is done through triangulation.

This kind of marketing has been around for a while, but it’s now an integral way for how mobile apps can be used to market directly to customers.  Ads directly related to the user’s location are sent directly to the app, and it means that customers see things that actually matter to them.

Benefits of geo-location marketing

There are many advantages to this kind of approach, and a lot of them are focused on metrics and allowing the business to understand what’s working in their marketing, which is, of course, the entire part of metrics!

When customers see ads that matter to them based on location, it encourages them to keep using the app.  This app “gets” them and what they believe in.  Ads or specialized discounts to those who are nearby and can use them go a long way to earning trust and enjoyment from those customers.

Geo-location and geo-fencing marketing can help improve the experiences of mobile users and encourage them to share them with friends.  This kind of marketing also encourages those who are nearby to pop in and see what’s going on since those around them are already doing it.  It’s like a “beehive” approach, where they communicate with each other, and all follow one another.

Another benefit to using this is that your competition most likely isn’t using it.  This kind of marketing is often seen as invasive, but it can be done safely and carefully by trusting the right kind of app design to keep it that way.  If you are looking at getting ahead of the competition the right way, you’ll be able to use this new approach to do it and also provide a better overall experience for your customers.

Mobile apps are the way of the future, and techniques like geo-fencing marketing are going to lead everyone forward into a world that is focused on accurate marketing and geographic focuses that are going to help each user’s experience be better, easier, and more enjoyable.  Isn’t that the whole point of getting an app ready to go?

Without question, location-based marketing and advertising are going to be a key part of your future in business.  Just make sure that you are ready for it so that you can always do everything in your power to reach your audience.  You don’t need to struggle with old technology or even old ideas — just the right approach of the two blended together.

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