App Development on the Rise - Is Your Biz Ready to Grow?

App Development on the Rise

be sure your biz isn't left in the dust - your customers and competitors have mobile apps, do you?

By now it should be of no surprise to you to learn that app development is on an upward trajectory. More businesses than not are turning to mobile app technology as websites, emails and other modes of digital tech become more and more outdated, or secondary. In the latest OutSystems annual report there are new findings in their 6th annual evaluation.

According to App Developer Magazine, “the new research report provides in-depth insights from IT managers, enterprise architects, and developers addressing a wide range of issues.”

In relation to the latest report, Steve Rotter, CMO for OutSystems, told App Developer Magazine, “digital transformation dominates business strategy today, which is why web and mobile development demand is booming. Moreover, speed and agility are more important than ever before.”

App & tech growth

Not only are mobile apps growing in multitude, but the technology behind them is growing as well. Customers expect businesses to not only utilize mobile app tech, they expect the apps themselves to be quick, effective and worth their time.

6 points regarding mobile app technology

To summarize the report App Developer Magazine highlighted six major points that businesses harnessing mobile app technology need to be aware of:

  • Demand for mobile apps has skyrocketed –  Respondents indicate a 60% increase in 2019
  • Higher app development time – Just about half of respondents indicated 5+ months as the average delivery time for a web or mobile app.
  • Delivery backlog –  Approx 64% of IT professional respondents indicate they have a mobile app backlog with just under 40% indicating an improvement over last years backlog.
  • App dev talent decrease – As we all know, good talent hard to find and even harder to keep. As such, 75% of respondents indicate the app dev talent pool as scarce, retention is a concern and just under 40% of organizations have a app development team larger than that of last year. This likely has a lot to do with the development time and backlog, in addition to the increased demand.
  • Agile best practices aren’t increasing – Since the talent pool is lacking and retention is low, so is the agile process, lacking that is. 60% of respondent organizations have indicated an investment in agile tools and services over the past year, yet the maturity of such practices is still slow.
  • Increase in customer-centric practices – The good news is that 60% of the respondent organizations have instituted practices putting the customers in the forefront. This includes additional components that are necessary for mobile app development.

One thing is clear – mobile apps are growing in demand and versatility. Businesses are clamoring for them while some developers are in over their heads with design requests. Mobile apps are one tech that is not just a trend, they’re here to stay. So, be sure you are on board because your competitors likely are and you don’t want to miss out on opportunities to reach potential clients or customers and the need to be available for your customers.

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