Why You Need a Mobile App AND a Mobile Responsive Website

I Already Have a Website – Why Do I Need a Mobile App?

Shows what a mobile responsive website is versus an app

“I already have a website, why do I need an app?”

It’s a question for businesses just venturing into the world of mobile apps. You may have had this thought yourself. It’s a fair question.

The truth is, right now, you might not “need” a mobile app for your business.

Two decades ago businesses didn’t necessarily “need” websites either – they had the Yellow Pages. But considering the future of your business is always worthwhile even if it doesn’t seem like the future is now.

Website v Mobile App

Think of your website like your business’ signage whereas your mobile app is the friendly greeter at the door of your shop.

A mobile app is where people can go to do business with you and get more information or updates that might not be on your website. They already know who you are and what you’re about. This is where people turn when they’re already on board with your brand.

A website is where people start learning about you. They’re able to research what you do and what you can offer. It’s almost like a technological billboard.

Benefits of a Mobile AppMobile apps provide different things for your website

When a customer downloads your app you’re able to connect with them in ways you can’t with a website:

  • Mobile loyalty programs – which are convenient for customers to use and encourage regular visits to your location
  • Push notifications – which alert users to your business’ events and specials, with the option of geo-fencing to reach specific locations. Can your website push out notifications like that?
  • Forms – Ordering tabs and special request forms for fast, easy transactions
  • Upload options – create upload options for customers to upload photos and other user-generated content for increased engagement
  • Events –  additional tabs for events, which can track attendance and boost customer participation
  • Misc customization – Other options can be customized for your business’ needs, so all of the information you want to share with users is right at their fingertips

Mobile apps are engagement

In a nutshell a mobile app is a means to interact with customers long after they’ve gone home.

When your customer downloads your business mobile app, they are showing appreciation for what you do and offer to them. And in return, essentially, they’re inviting you into their everyday lives even if they only stop in once a week.

While we are constantly inundated with “pings” from Starbucks reminding us of Frappuccino happy hour or the bank reminding us that bills are due, why not reserve a spot in your customers’ day too?

If customer retention is the ultimate goal of any business owner, which it is, it’s imperative to stay on the forefront of your customer’s minds because they are constantly being communicated with by other businesses. Why can’t your business be one of them too? Whether you have 10 or 10,000 customers – you deserve that “ping” just as much as anyone else.

You don’t have to be the Starbucks of the world to create a world class mobile app. Unleashed Mobile Apps can help you create a mobile app customized to meet your business needs, we have templates you can create yours with or just go crazy and DIY. Contact UMA to get started with your mobile app and open up your business to customer engagement. Should you need help with marketing your mobile app or getting your team better trained to use it, let us know as we can help with that too.


I founded Unleashed Mobile Apps with the goal to help small business owners bring their visions to life.
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