Mobile Apps & Loyalty Rewards - How to Optimize BOTH!

Using Mobile Apps for Loyalty Rewards

Use loyalty cards to reward your loyal customers - digitally

How many local coffee shop punch cards are buried at the bottom of your purse? Stacked up in your wallet or drawer? Met their watery end in the laundry? Fell out of your pocket at the bus stop? How many times have you finally scored that free java, dog walk or fitness lesson just to lose your punch card?

All that could be settled with a mobile app that TRACKS your loyalty. Learn more here.

Loyalty mobile app tracking v punch cards

When your customers are loyal enough to try and keep track of your rewards card, they deserve a more trusty system. And if they are loyal enough to hang onto one of those, they’re certainly loyal enough to download your app.

Your mobile app can provide countless ways to interact with your customers, but there is one easy way to say “thank you” to them.

Benefits of mobile app loyalty rewards system

An app based loyalty program immediately removes unluckiness from the equation. Reward cards don’t have to be kept track of and unreadable stamps don’t have to be interpreted. Your customers will likely always have their phone nearby, so it’s never been easier to reward their loyalty to your brand.

By rewarding customers for certain dollar level or item purchases or even giving them a reward just for coming in the door you’re reminding them that their loyalty means something to you. And by having your app at the ready on their phone they’re showing you that their loyalty is more than just a casual passerby.

They already intend to do more business with you in the future, so why not let them know that you appreciate it?

You could even step up your reward game a little further by commemorating the day unique to 1/365 (or so) of your customers. Everyone loves a birthday reward – and everybody has a birthday. Why not make it even more special for those leap year babies who only get to celebrate every four years?

The possibilities for a unique rewards based system are endless.

Make your app and your rewards as individualized as you want. That’s the beauty of mobile app technology! There’s no need to stick to the generic coffee cup punch cards anymore to show customers you care.

Be yourself – after all, that’s who your customers are loyal to.

Contact Unleashed Mobile Apps to get us to create your customized mobile application or to inquire more about how to boost up your current mobile app. It’s super affordable and easier than you thought!

I founded Unleashed Mobile Apps with the goal to help small business owners bring their visions to life.
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