If You Want to Succeed – Never Stop Learning

No matter what you do in life, there should never be a point where you stop learning.

Whether you’ve been in the field for two years or twenty years you should never be able to step back and think “this is it, this is as far as I’m going to go.” Even if you’re in your dream job that you’ve worked toward all your life you shouldn’t get comfortable enough to think you know it all. Even experts don’t know it all. None of us do, that’s part of what makes the working world so exciting.

And if you’re a business owner, it’s even more important for you to set a precedent for yourself to strive for more or better. Everyone today moves at such a lightning pace it can feel impossible to keep up, but you must try! You don’t have to surpass anyone, it’s not a race, but if you stop learning you aren’t even in the race.

This week I participated in a free webinar by Jonathan Christian of We Make Stuff Happen about how organic reach is all but dead on social media and how to confront that issue. I’ve had a lot of success on social media this year despite how difficult it can be to reach audiences without paying for tons of ads. Despite my success, I tuned in to Jonathan’s webinar because I embrace every opportunity to keep learning.

In fact, I signed up for his social media bootcamp for a second time despite having completed it last year!


Because the more you know the more you can achieve. The old saying “knowledge is power” isn’t just a cutesy line, it’s really true! The more knowledge you have the more you can overcome. With gained knowledge you can tackle so many different kinds of obstacles that not actively searching for things to learn feels like a mistake.

I’m not saying to spend all of your time researching or reading, you need to recoup your energy after a long week, but make an effort when you can to learn something new. Take a free marketing course online, participate in a webinar, go to a networking event in your city, do something, anything, to keep your mind active. Look out for topics you don’t know a ton about and learn a ton about them!

The day you stop learning new things and enjoying your time in what you do is the day it’s time to find something new to occupy your time.

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