Social Media Spring Cleaning - It's a Must, Here's Why

Social Media Spring Cleaning

check out and clean up your social media feeds to keep the good stuff on the forefront

Whether or not it really feels like spring, spring is here! Before it quickly rolls into summer come Memorial Day, why not spend some time doing some social media spring cleaning? It’s one of those tasks, like clearing emails, that can seem overwhelming at first and is so rewarding at the end.

Maybe you followed a bunch of random folks on Instagram a year or two ago or friended way too many people on Facebook. Whatever the case may be, I’m sure there is a social media platform out there that you’ve gorged on unnecessarily.

Overindulged on that social media sweet tooth?

Even if you haven’t overindulged that social media sweet tooth, your personal or business brand may have changed ever so slightly. If that’s the case it might be time to unfollow some accounts and/or find some new ones to inspire you!


If you’re worried that you’ll accidentally unfollow someone on Instagram that you interact with back and forth, try using a coordinator app to keep track of who is following you back. I personally use a tracker for Instagram to keep track of who my followers are. It especially helps if you have a random uptick of “bot” followers who only follow to get you to follow back and then unfollow you. Things like that aren’t great for building your personal following, so it’s nice to be able to see who is actually sticking around for the long run.


When it comes to Facebook, everyone has their own utilization.

For me, I have friends as well as colleagues or members of my larger social and work communities on Facebook. I like being able to follow along with their life journeys. At the same time I know a lot of people who prefer just close personal relationships on their Facebook feeds. That’s fine too! However you want to use your Facebook is up to you, just be sure you’re consistent with your usage.

And don’t overwhelm your friends with business posts if they aren’t following your business page. No one wants to see them if they aren’t following your work.


When it comes to platforms like Twitter, I personally diversify my following once or twice a year. There are accounts I followed that simply stopped posting or new folks I realized I should’ve been following all along. Twitter always feels more fluid like that to me than Instagram or Facebook, probably because people post tweets so much more often than Instagram or Facebook posts.

Bottom line

Cleaning up your social media feeds might be a time suck, but at least it’s less labor intensive than actual spring cleaning. Plus if you get it done you can tell your friends that you tackled your spring cleaning even if there are still dust bunnies roaming your living room! Win!

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