The Key to Business Success is Knowing Your Customers Well

The Key to Business Success is Knowing Your Customers

Succeed in business with mobile apps helping you to know your customers

By now you know how we feel about mobile apps, and if you don’t, let us know! If we weren’t passionate about them it would be foolish to focus so much of our time on them because after all, it IS our business. But as time goes on more and more people are realizing how vital mobile apps are to the business community, that makes us proud to be in our line of work.

How apps equal success

On May 16th Mobile App Daily published a great piece on why customer research is crucial for creating successful mobile apps. Obviously you know your customers well enough to know that they’ll use an app for your business, but as Mobile App Daily points out do you know exactly how your app will interact with their lives?

Entrepreneur makes a similar suggestion in their 8 Ways to Make Your Mobile App Successful. It’s important to be relevant because just having a small number of downloads does not make your app successful. Having quality users and interaction does.

“Marketers need to realize that downloads don’t necessarily translate to active users,” said Deepti Mani Saxena, director of marketing at KeyPoint Technologies, in her Entrepreneur piece.

“Though some may get users to download their app, still there is a very high probability that they never use the app. This typically happens when app marketers do not take proper care to sort their audience profile for bringing them on board. The usual practice is to run through CPI (Cost per Install) campaigns with app advertisers who do not consider context and user behavior while promoting apps. These campaigns almost always end up sitting with an irrelevant or inactive audience group.”

Mobile apps are the future

While mobile apps are undoubtedly the future, and clearly the present as well, it’s important to put some thought and personal research in the process. You need to know what your customers want and (more importantly) what they’ll respond to.

Utilize your customers as a resource

The best way to go about that kind of research is simply to ask them. Pick their brains about what it is they look for in your business and how you might make their lives a little bit easier. The more focused your app is on your customers’ experiences the more successful it’ll be.

Remember, it isn’t about how many people download your app. You would rather have a smaller number of very engaged users than a large number of ghost users, right? No one wants to throw a dance party where no one is dancing.

Encourage the dance and embrace the needs of your customers.

Let’s talk so we can get to the bottom of what your business offers, your goals, what features your mobile app could use to grow your business and how we can help with your mobile app development so your business can excel.

I founded Unleashed Mobile Apps with the goal to help small business owners bring their visions to life.
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