What's Your Why? How Does it Compare to #TheAppMama's Why?

Why I Do What I Do – Unleashed Mobile Apps

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One day while sitting at a coffee shop I overheard two suits having a conversation. I knew from their binders they represented a Fortune 500 company. The company began as a very small local business many decades ago in a small single room office. The founder’s dream powered with passion on a mission to serve people in an area ignored by big business.

You can imagine my surprise when I heard one say…Don’t worry about it, we’ll shut that little business down. We have more money than God. We’ll crush them!

I held back my comments knowing they would fall on deaf ears. But it made me think about why I do what I do and gave me more fuel for my passion.

To Give Small Business an Opportunity

I do what I do to give the small business the opportunity to compete with big budget businesses. Our country originated on small business, it’s our foundation. It is the heart of soul of our economy. So many beautiful things have evolved from them. Giving them a mobile app tool to help them succeed and grow jazzes me.

At Unleashed Mobile Apps our mobile apps platform is designed for the small business. We’ve made it easy to manage and affordable at the same time. Staying in front of your client keeps them coming back. With features like loyalty program, push notices and one touch contact keeping your clients engaged is simple. A mobile app is a powerful marketing tool.

Manage your content in just a few clicks and you’re done. Want to know how your mobile app is preforming? Easy to read analytics give you an in-depth picture within moments. You can sort the data to your specific needs. Which gives you the opportunity to adjust as you go.

Today, business owners are in need of receiving high value for their investment. Every dollar must be maximized to increase profits. We have plans to fit most budgets putting the power into your hands to make it achieve more than you ever dreamed.

It corks me to hear big budget business think they have the corner on every market and want to push the small business out. Obviously, those suits lost sight of the roots of their company. But small businesses never forget. To be a part of a small business’s success and grow beyond their own vision thrills me. So big budget companies, move over there is room for everyone and plenty to go around for all.

That’s my why. I’d love to hear yours.

Is your business ready for an app?  Ready to get started? Then contact UMA with any questions you may have.

I founded Unleashed Mobile Apps with the goal to help small business owners bring their visions to life.
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