Summertime Lovin' on Current Customers - To Keep in Touch

Summertime Lovin’ on Current Customers

It isn’t even halfway through the summer and the slump is getting real. With gorgeous weather or horrible heat, it can be difficult to focus on work. It can be even harder to cultivate new customer relationships when other business folks feel the same way.

This could be the best time to cozy up to your current customers!

Keep in touch with customers

Whether it’s paying extra attention to folks you’ve known for years or just a few weeks or taking the time to write some cards and drop them in the mail, the slumpy days can make for excellent “catching up” days.

Even Entrepreneur suggests keeping in touch during the summer, especially because newer customers or potential clients may be less inclined to get in contact with you during their own summer slump:

“Many of the leads you’ve spent warming up may suddenly go quiet for a while. So, why not use the time to focus on your current client base? There are numerous things you could do:

  • Arrange “progress calls” with clients
  • Plan face-to-face meetings
  • Increase your profile by building bridges with other contacts at your client’s company
  • Examine client’s business and the wider sector in which they operate to better understand their needs
  • Create a proposal outlining additional work your company could do for them

Doubling down on existing customers doesn’t just increase their loyalty– their positive experiences can lead to new business as well, especially if it means you receive a positive customer testimonial. Perhaps not surprisingly, according to a 2013 study on spokesperson credibility, a company’s product or service is viewed much more positively when an actual customer is quoted.

Depending on the type of products and services you offer, you could also consider doing a summer promotion. Lowering your prices during the quiet period could also strengthen already well-established customer relationships.”

There’s no need to take the summer slump as a sign you need to slow down. (Although if you can take a vacation, we do recommend letting the stress go for a while if you can, it’s better in the long run for yourself and your business.)

If you find yourself struggling to get through a workday, take a break. Take a little bit of time to reach out to your clients. A little note, phone call or even just an email to say hi is a great way to build upon an existing relationship and remind your clients that you appreciate them.

When was the last time you got a letter in the mail from a company you work with? The holidays? Never? Let us know something special someone has done for you that grew your working relationship!

Did you know that our mobile apps have a feature called push notifications that maybe you could utilize to push an extra special gift or message out to your customers? Ready to build your app, contact Unleashed Mobile Apps today and get started.

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