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Why Use Analytics For Your Mobile App

Why analytics is super important for your mobile app success

Your business mobile app can only be as good as its analytics, orrr, well your features and customers! lol  But seriously, if you’re looking for a way to transform your mobile app into its best self, an important facet is going to be the analytics that you have and, of course, how you choose to use them. Here’s what you’ll need to know to help you get to the top of your game.

Get to the top of your game using your analytics

What is mobile analytics?

This is a specific kind of dataset that refers to the way that users are using your mobile app itself. It can track all sorts of details, including app screens accessed, how long they spent on each one, etc. This kind of information is going to support your understanding of what’s working or not working when it comes to your app itself, as far as your users are concerned.

Tops reasons why to use them for your mobile app

That sounds pretty straightforward, and it gets even more so when you’re looking at the idea of why you should actually be using them for your mobile app.

You can filter to see what you want to when you want to

One of the most useful features of analytics it’s that you can limit yourself to see only what is going to matter most. This includes details such as user type, user’s device, and more. If you’re looking for a very specific data set, this helps you get as detailed as possible and precisely what you’re looking for.

You can access advanced features of users

It should go without saying that understanding your users and how they use your app is the most important part of analytics. So, rely on technology that gives you access to user data in an advanced set. For example, user properties. You can see detailed information about the users of your app, giving you priority information about how your app is helpful and to whom.

Another useful advanced feature is going to be the events data. This is whatever event that you deem to be worthy of tracking. You can see how your users respond to this event and its parameters.

You can see which features are working and which aren’t

Simple, and you’ve probably heard this before, but essential. If your app has particular features that are working or not working for user engagement, it’s important to have that information so that you can transform everything on your app into features that are actually working. Analytics is your best real-time data for the information that you know and love.

Propel your business into the future

All of this is going to help you push your business into the future. A future focused on helping you see your mobile app be its best, strongest self so that you’ll be able to move forward into a productive state that makes for a future built on true, accurate data.

Progress both begins and ends with accurate information. When it comes to your mobile app, that information is going to include detailed analytics. If you’re ready to push yourself into the future with the right information that will actually make a difference, analytics is your go-to!

We would love help to propel your business into the future, help teach you how to use your business’ mobile app or even how to read your app analytics. Contact The App Mama of Unleashed Mobile with any questions.

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