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Running A Service Business Is Hard

Making Work Orders Shouldn’t Be. 

Create work orders anytime, anywhere. After scouring the internet to find a solution, Shannon Walsh of Premier Home Services Business and ezbz App created her own software just for her landscaping business.  Now she shares it with other field service businesses.

Shannon wanted something that simply was just work orders because they didn’t need all the bells and whistles.  I didn’t want the billing, I didn’t want the estimating, I didn’t need a CRM, I didn’t need the marketing. What she really needed was a way to communicate to her crew what they had to do that day without putting it out on a piece of paper, putting it on the clipboard or taking it to the trucks.

App Pearl’s review says:  “The design of the application is quite simple, there is a working field where you will place tasks and there is a menu that relates more to the application settings. The application is very easy to use, you will make your life very much easier because all your tasks that used to be on paper will turn into just one ezbz App!”

ezbz App Features:

Copy & Move Routes:Manage your field service business better with the ezbz app

Doing the same routes every week?  Easily copy previously used routes for repeat use.

Employee Job Changes:

Someone didn’t show up for work today? Quickly and easily move jobs from one route to another from your phone without having to text or call the crew.

Track Billable Hours

Have you ever tried to send a bill, but weren’t sure how long the crew was at the job?  Check-in and out of jobs in the app and use the web-based back-end reports to calculate the billable hours for you. Admins can edit check-in/out time if necessary.

GPS Navigation

Integrated mapping lets the crew navigate to the next job with the click of a button. One tap on the customer’s address will open the phone’s mapping to navigate right to the job.

Photo Gallery

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words: ezbz’s photo feature lets you do even more. Take pictures of a property after you’ve completed the work to show what you did. Had to skip a lawn because the house painters were there? The crew can take a pic as evidence.

Two-Way Communication

Do your crews ever arrive on the job and not know what to do or forget to bring the necessary tools? You can add notes, lists, reminders, photos, and even videos to a job, thereby streamlining communication and improving day-to-day operations.

Has a customer contacted you about an issue that the crew forgot to tell you about? Regular users/crew members can add job comments to keep you informed of what’s going on when you’re not there.

Apps Like These posts their review stating, “This app is convenient not only for the managers but also for the employees themselves, who will always have both a list of tasks and a schedule of their work at hand.”

Industries Served:

This app isn’t just for landscaping companies as it is a full service, yet simple, field service management tool.  If you are a dog walker, home health care business, commercial or residential cleaning business, pool maintenance company, pest control business or any kind of business that has a small to large crew, wants to manage your field service business better and runs via work orders… this is the app for you.

Bottom line

The ezbz App is a simple field service management tool designed primarily for field service workers to take the chaos out of managing their crews. It focuses on ease of navigation, route, job, and crew management. The design includes many features which are helpful for the field service business, such as GPS tracking of assets and personnel; two-way communications; photo gallery capabilities; and detailed reports including daily activity summaries and budget summary charts.  Check it out and get your ezbz app subscription today.

I founded Unleashed Mobile Apps with the goal to help small business owners bring their visions to life.
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