Understanding Your End Users’ Mobile App Privacy Concerns

Understanding Your End Users’ Mobile App Privacy Concerns

Make sure you do your due diligence to protect end users' privacy

Using a mobile app for shopping or otherwise interacting with a service or business is undoubtedly one of the most convenient things… EVER!  Your name and information are all stored, so you just tap a few things, and you’ve got everything you need, literally right at your fingertips.  However, that convenience also comes at the cost of potential privacy concerns, should there ever be a hack.

How is privacy an issue in using apps?

The best way to understand this is to think about just what kind of information you are providing to that business or personal mobile app.  For example, most mobile apps have your name, birthday, billing information to include an address, phone number, and email address to say the least.  That information, in the wrong hands, can be very dangerous.

As such, you expect that the app you’re using has some sort of privacy and legal protection in place, stating that they won’t share your information with third-party representatives, or advising what information they are sharing, and to whom.  As well, you want to know that there are general protection practices to keep certain information private.

The main focus points for app privacy

From one user to another, and from one sector to another, user privacy should be focused on the main areas of:

Storing only what is absolutely necessary

When it comes to the essential information needed to fuel the app and its intended effect, the best approach is to store only what is necessary.  This way, there will be minimal data stored and less that can be vulnerable if it were to be used without the customer’s knowledge or for malicious purposes.

Being transparent on how their data is protected and shared

While many are quick to overlook this, both businesses and users should communicate, and search for, respectively, information on just how their data is protected from malicious attacks.  They should also have that same transparency about how the data is shared and who has access to it.  When those on both sides are upfront, it provides a better user experience.

Making privacy a priority

Businesses will want to focus on having the best app, and users will want to have convenience in all of the ways.  However, those on both sides should never forget that privacy should be the priority above all else — and for all of the right reasons that most of us don’t stop to think about!

To some extent, it is the responsibility of the mobile app end user (the customer) to determine whether they want to take the risk of having all of this information online and available to those who may want to use it for “not so great” things.  But, it is also the responsibility of the business to understand that customers are trusting them with their personal information — and to take that seriously.

The businesses that prioritize privacy and security are the ones that will earn the trust and respect of their users at the end of the day.  If businesses want to be the “winners” of customers, proper protection in the form of privacy concerns will be the focal point.

Should you have any questions about your mobile app – whether it is still in the infancy of creation, development, or if you need training for your team, contact Unleashed Mobile Apps and the #AppMama will get you taken care of.

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