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Mobile App Security Threats and What You Can Do

Know the vulnerabilities of your mobile app and what you can do to protect it

You’ve taken the time to make sure that you’ve got your app created, marketed and then up and running for customers to use, which is great!  But, have you also put that same level of thought into the concept of your app user’s safety and privacy within the app itself?  Mobile app security is a crucial detail to think about when designing and maintaining your app.  Here are some of the top threats to watch out for (they’re more common than you’d think).

Top mobile app threats to be on the lookout for

What threats are out there for my mobile app?

There are, unfortunately, a lot of possible threats out there for your mobile app.  Some of the most common ones are below for you.

Hacking and stealing of customer information (including financials)

You know what this is, and it’s terrifyingly common when it comes to your standard mobile app.  Even with encryption in place, personal information for your customers can get hacked and stolen through hacking. Your app user’s experience is important, but their personal data is more important!

Code tampering

Specifically designed to bring your app down and/or allow backdoor access for all kinds of malicious activities, code tampering is another common problem with mobile apps.  While users aren’t really aware of this, anyone who does the back end of the app work will be!

Lack of updates for security patches

Updates to the app and security patches, especially, are expected in every app creator.  There’s a reason that they’re so common!  As bugs, glitches and weaknesses pop up, protect against them with patches! Plus, the consumers expect regular app updates so be sure you do your due diligence.

What can I do about them?protect your business by protecting your app and it's users

The best thing to do about any and all of these threats is to expect them.  When it comes to the possible hacking of information from viruses, you’ll want to beef up the data security, especially around sensitive information.  Store as little as possible, since the less that’s there for possible hacking the better.

When it comes to something like code tampering, a lot of that is going to be in making sure that your app has security working for it.  There are actual security experts that focus on the idea of looking at and confirming, the security of your mobile app for just this reason.  When in doubt, reach out!

When it comes to the patches, the important thing is to, well, do them.  Patches are normal and expected in mobile apps.  Make sure you are always doing whatever you can to protect your app’s integrity with proper patches as needed.  Customers won’t mind!  Again, they are used to regular updates.

What’s the risk if I do nothing?

At best, you’re going to lose a few customers and their potential recommendations.  Even worse, though, it can impact your overall reputation as a brand.  If a customer doesn’t feel that your app is safe, they’ll feel that you, as a brand, are not protecting or prioritizing their needs.  Since it’s a buyer’s world, they’ll just go to someone else who will protect all of those needs without them having to ask for it!

Mobile app security threats are a serious problem and this is only going to continue to be the case as they get more common.  Be as proactive as you can to make sure that you can always protect the customers and their information — it may just save your business!

We work hard to educate our consumers, typically the small to large businesses that need apps or mobile app creators, about all of the steps of the mobile app development process and security is part of it. In addition, we want to be sure your consumers know how to use your app so we work with you to train you and your team on your app!  Let us know how we can help you.

I founded Unleashed Mobile Apps with the goal to help small business owners bring their visions to life.
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