Follow These Steps of the Mobile App Development Process

The Steps of the Mobile App Development Process

Review the mobile app development steps and process

The marketplace now is all about mobile apps and making sure that you’ve got what customers are looking for when it comes to the idea of a familiar design that they can have right on their phones.  If you’re ready to join the crowd but you’re looking for some understanding of what’s actually involved in the development process, here’s a rough guide to help you out!

Figure out your app attack

Apps will have different angles and focuses depending on what you’re actually using them for – teaching, training loyalty, etc.  In this stage, you should take a look at who you’re designing for, what the competition is doing right and wrong, and then focus on how you’re going to beat them out by achieving all of your app goals.

Everything ready for development?

Since different platforms and software rely on unique approaches to design, you’ll want to make sure that you know that your development plan itself is ready.  For example, the approach you take on Android may be a bit different than iOS users, and this is something you’ll need to figure out sooner rather than later.

Create an interactive and engaging experience for users

Now it’s time to take all of that raw information and data and make it look pretty.  Since your customers are going to want something that is going to be pleasing, educational, and accessible, you’ve got to go through the app, section by section, so that this goal is achieved properly. Engagement is key, but if the customers don’t like the look or can’t figure it out, they’ll bounce!

Create the physical app itselfStart with a rough draft of your mobile app for your business

Now that the actual app is designed, now we need to be more focused on the “nuts and bolts”.  The steps before this one was crucial to making sure that this step goes as smoothly as possible, of course.  The better those are done, the easier this design process itself is going to be.

Testing 1, 2, 3

Once your prototype is ready, you’ll have to put it out there for testing.  It should test user experience, function, and security, and also the performance on the different platforms it’s used on.  Make sure that all of these tests return positive notes and address any comments or issues, and then do the same thing all over again.

Get it out there

Once you’re happy with the final results from your test, you can get it out there for everyone to see and enjoy.  This is such an exciting stage as all of that hard work is going to pay off in a serious, professional way that is all about seeing it come together in a pretty, bug-free, and modern app that will help push you into the viewpoint of modern-day customers.

Mobile apps are incredible pieces of technology and they’re definitely something to factor into your plan.  Knowing these different stages and how they all factor into the final one is going to be important for making sure that your app is its strongest, most targeted version for the benefit of the customer as well as your own professional reputation!  You only get one chance to make a first impression, right?

Contact Unleashed Mobile Apps to help steer you in the right direction. No matter what step you are in the mobile app development process, the #AppMama can help. Having a mobile app for your business is super important, so you don’t want to half a&& it. If you even need help training your team to use your app on the back end or to have you team be better stewards to the community on the app, we can help with mobile app training, it’s what we do!


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