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What Makes a Mobile App Successful?

Business owners want successful mobile apps, do so with these tips

Not all mobile apps are made equal.  The ones that have all of the right details optimized are going to be the most successful out there, regardless of their niche or origin.  Looking for some advice on what those details are going to be?  Below are the most popular and most important features to help you win customers and convert them into app lovers!

How to win customers & convert them to your app

Proper training, creation, and updates

Users today have no shortage of options (or patience).  This means that having a successful app means creating it with top-of-the-line professionals.  Make sure employees are properly trained on how to create the app and that it’s created using intentional features and details that make it easy to use and desirable.

Similarly, you’ll want to have employees and programmers focused on regular, bug-focused updates as often as needed to keep it a totally glitch-free experience for the fickle user of the app.

A central focus on the user

Seems silly, perhaps, but true!  When you’re creating and sharing your app, you’ll want to make sure that its central focus is on the user.  Sure, you’ll have your backend details to help you, including analytics and marketing options, but keep the central focus on the user.  They want to understand how your app solves a problem and why that problem solving should matter to them.

A focus on looks and final aesthetic detailsMake your mobile app users happy and satisfied with your app

Anyone who is considering your business’ mobile app is going to base its entire “worth” (from their point of view) on looks and ease of use.  You’ll need to make sure that it has every last visual feature taken care of so that it’s professional, modern, crisp, and shows the customer that it’s been designed by people who know what they’re doing.

Don’t forget to focus on the idea of placement on the screen, too.  For instance, are they going to need both thumbs to tap away at the app?  Or can they get away with just one?  Are the places to tap in logical places?  All of these visual and functional details matter!

Hassle-free payments/signups/logins

If your app does payments or signups, logins, etc., make absolutely sure that they are secure, but still as streamlined as possible.  No frustrating verifications or annoying fields that take them 10 minutes to get through.  If a user has to struggle, they’ll go elsewhere.  Focus on keeping this as glitch-free as possible for a happy customer that comes back again and again.

Consider offline functions

Most apps do run on the idea of having internet access, but the best apps are going to also have glitch-free, useful offline functions that don’t frustrate the customer to no end if they suddenly lose WIFI for a few minutes.  An app that immediately crashes without a signal is not a good thing!

When you want to have success and comfort with your app, all of these details matter to help the user feel heard and that your app is going to actually meet their needs, whatever those may turn out to be.

Should you need help with your mobile app idea, designing of your app, training for your app, marketing for your app, contact us, we would love to help wherever you are on your mobile app journey for your business.

I founded Unleashed Mobile Apps with the goal to help small business owners bring their visions to life.
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