How AI Can Improve Mobile Technology

How AI Can Improve Mobile Technology

artificial intelligence is here to stay, be sure your mobile app is on board

Let’s be honest. Quite often, mobile technology and artificial intelligence (AI) can be a nightmare to get right, or even understand. When using it for business, it often feels as though the rules are changing every five minutes. It can make for a frustrating experience for those just trying to put the best practices into action.

What does AI look like these days?

First, let’s look at just how you’re supposed to be taking on something like AI these days. The most effective use, especially when it comes to mobile technology, is in customer service. This is where most customers want it, and it can be an effective choice. Other popular ways include mining data for analytics and better search results. Let’s take a closer look.

Customer service matters more than ever

No customer is ever deliberately going anywhere that has terrible customer service. AI can help enhance customer service by directing them to FAQ responses and helping them find similar items to what they’re looking for, etc. Customer service is so important that customers will pay more for it simply because they don’t want to be dealing with unanswered responses and frustrating cyclical bots, or the dreaded press here for X robo service.

Humans are often too slow in replying to social media queries

When tapping away on a mobile device, most modern customers will send a query via that social media account to the company. Since humans take longer than 5 seconds to reply, a bot is a great first line of defense. As a customer service bot would do, it can thank them for their message and help them with more minor questions. This will give the human a minute or so to get online to answer the query appropriately.

Better data analytics with no manual effortartificial intelligence in mobile app technology

When bots are in place, you can get much more accurate and helpful data analytics.  They will also be logged and stored for you in ways that you can use to address your marketing practices in the future. You’ll love this, and your customers won’t even notice!

More relevant searches online

The better data and understanding of what a customer is looking for, the better the AI can help them find more accurate search results in the future. It will learn to serve each customer better so that every experience continues to get better and better.

Not all AI is good AI

To help ensure that you stay on the good side of things, focus on having the right AI working for you. You’ll want to have proper training in putting AI to work so that your employees can implement AI right where it’s needed. There’s often a fine line between just right and too much, so proper training is necessary.

When you use the right AI techniques properly, your customers will get the priority treatment, meaning more sales for you and lots of enjoyment for your customers. When it comes to mobile technology in use for business, it doesn’t get much better than that!

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