Grow Your Business the Right Way - With Mobile Apps

Grow Your Business the Right Way

Your business success depends upon your tech - do you have a mobile app

In any form of business, it’s hard to give a one-size-fits-all answer, but when it comes to succeeding in the modern business world a lot rides on your use of technology. More importantly your use and adaptation of mobile app technology.

That’s right, the mobile app.

Mobile apps are the key our success

It’s laughable to think that our success in the world is so reliant on a little – or not so little – device in your pocket. If you would’ve told us 50 years ago that this would be the case I’m not sure anyone would believe you. Suffice it to say that mobile phones and mobile apps aren’t going anywhere for quite a while, so if you aren’t on the train yet you might want to take a seat.

Mobile is huge for the consumer

88% of consumers use mobile apps (at least 9 of them) per day. That means 9 different businesses are getting the attention of customers you could be reaching. There are at least that many companies that are top of mind for their customer at any given moment. After all, they (the consumer) gave them access to their phone which they always have on them.

Don’t just take our word for it. LA Progressive just released an article about how mobile apps are good for business:

“Mobile applications provide access to a vast population throughout the world. This makes them one of the most powerful ways to establish relationships and make connections with people everywhere. The good part is the audience you are trying to target does not need to go through a website or a search engine to get to know about your business. All they need to do is download the app, open it, and interact with your business. For your business, it becomes something more than useful because anybody who installs the app becomes one of your target audience. Hence, it is a good idea to offer a discount or information on an ongoing promotion that they can avail using your app. Also, if you connect your business app to your website, the percentage of your returns may just double. Thus although your website can be a great source of revenue, a business app will eventually allow you to narrow your focus and target specific audiences.”

Provide value to your audience

We’re always stressing the importance of value to our mobile app clients to pass on to their customers. Whether you have a mobile app or not it’s vital to give back to your customers whenever you can just to remind them that they’re valued. Moreover that you value them.

If you have a mobile app and you can reward them that way, all the better. They’re far less likely to forget their phone at home as they are to forget that postcard, receipt or special offer you sent their way.

Mobile apps improve the relationship

An app is also a great way to get to know your customers. If something isn’t working or people aren’t interested in a particular feature or offer, you know it without having to ask. While Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all the rest of the social media platforms give you an idea of what’s popular, an app is a great way to know what is popular with your very specific targeted audience.

The mobile app boom is definitely in swing right now, so it’s not too late to take advantage, but think carefully about your mobile app idea before you nosedive into the financials. Better yet, contact Unleashed Mobile Apps so we can walk through it together!

I founded Unleashed Mobile Apps with the goal to help small business owners bring their visions to life.
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