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Making Your Business Mobile App More ‘You’

Chamber business & customers mobile app

No matter what your business mobile app does, you want it to reflect who you are, while showcasing a value of your business for your consumers.

It shouldn’t necessarily be a carbon copy of your website, though that doesn’t stop some businesses from going that route. Luckily if you work with Unleashed Mobile Apps, that isn’t a problem.

Example – Greater Brookfield Chamber of Commerce

A website twin is the exact opposite of what the Greater Brookfield Chamber of Commerce (GBCC) wanted in an app when they approached Unleashed Mobile Apps.

“We got into a mobile app because we wanted our app to feature something unique and different,” according to the Chamber President, Carol White. “A lot of times Chambers of Commerce have a mobile app that is the exact same thing as their website.”

With the help of Nancy (AppMama) and her team, GBCC created an app as unique as their cooperative businesses.

“More for You”

That app is called “More For You” –  Android can download on Google Play and iPhone downloadable via iTunes.

Naming the app “More For You” is meant to hint at that it is not just the member’s businesses, but those customers who patronize those businesses.

Because the Chamber has unique needs, their app had to be as unique as they are. So the Chamber’s app has two different portals to serve its two audiences. There is a business portal for the members and a consumer portal for the general public.

“Our app has been very well received both on the consumer side and the business side,” White said.

How Unleashed Mobile Apps can help

All that said you don’t have to be on your own in deciding what’s best for your business. Part of what makes the #AppMama a great partner for your business is that we act as a sounding board.

When the Chamber wanted to create an interactive mobile app what they really needed help with was pinpointing what it was they wanted the app to do. By working in tandem with The UMA team they were able to decide together what would best suit their needs.

“She [Nancy] really delved in and wanted to know what we wanted to achieve with this,” White said. “…If you aren’t sure an app is right for you just spend some time talking with her and see how easy it is and it will be a great experience.”

Contact the #AppMama to get started right away.

I founded Unleashed Mobile Apps with the goal to help small business owners bring their visions to life.
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