Business as Art

I stumbled upon Stacie Scherman’s “Business as Storytelling” post the other day in the Grand Rapids Business Journal and I was delighted to see someone else have the experience I’ve had when telling folks my background. A background doesn’t define you....

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The Danger of “The Way You’ve Always Done It”

Just because something worked 20 years ago doesn’t mean it still works now. The same can be said for a year, a month or even a week. It’s crazy to think about, but in the digital age when things are changing...

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Small business owners try to do everything but they shouldn't

Don’t Overthink It – Keep It Simple

When you’re just starting out as a small business owner or entrepreneur, it can be tempting to offer your clients or customers anything and everything to keep them happy. But if you’re just beginning your journey or you’re a solopreneur overloading...

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when you invest in yourself, you can be a better business person

Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy: Defeat Imposter Syndrome

According to The Muse there are five main types of imposter syndrome and ways to battle each. 5 Types of Imposter Syndrome The Perfectionist The Superwoman/man The Natural Genius The Soloist The Expert No matter what your specific “type” might be...

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Business relationships make business more personal

Guest Blog: Making Business Personal

When I launched my full-time freelancing business a month ago, I was terrified. I was excited too, of course, but mostly terrified. I was a bundle of nerves worrying about whether or not I’d be able to make a living wage....

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Tidying Up The Office

If you’re anything like me you’ve undoubtedly been seeing people online or on social media raving about “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” the Netflix reality series about organizing professional Marie Kondo. Her idea about our spaces sparking joy got me thinking....

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Unleash Your True Potential – Network in 2019

I had a conversation with a business owner the other day and she paused mid sentence to tell me how glad she was to sit down with me and chat. It wasn’t a business meeting per se, it was a catching...

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Don’t Get Fee-strated

I saw a play the other day and overheard other audience members talking about the theater company’s mobile app. They didn’t know it existed until they were looking for tickets for the show we were seeing. And they might not have...

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Apps Mean Loyalty

How many local coffee shop punch cards are buried at the bottom of your purse? Met their watery end in the laundry? Fell out of your pocket at the bus stop? How many times have you finally scored that free java,...

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Change: Redefining Success Podcast Guest Nancy Lucchesi

Kate Fessler chats with Nancy about her journey and her several life changes which lead her to become The App Mama. Listen to this fascinating episode here. Change: Redefining Success Through Many Careers to Unleashed Mobile Apps – with Nancy Lucchesi...

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