Be transparent and unique

You are unique.

What you do is unique.

Even if you are the third bicycle shop in the shopping district, that doesn’t mean all the shops are the same. You all offer something different.

Embrace that.

What is it that makes you different from your competitors? Your unique qualities help you stand out from the crowd – don’t be afraid to show them off.

Take me for example.

When you picture an app development company who do you picture?

A 20-something recent college grad with an affinity for computers and all things techy? You’re not alone. I picture that too.

I know I’m not that 20-something. I have no problem standing among them as an outlier. In fact, I embrace it and use my experience to my advantage.

Being older than other app developers means I’ve had more experience in the business world. I know first hand how tough being a business owner can be in the long term.

Any business is boring if its description is vague so be sure to spice yours up with what makes you uniquely you.

Have you been a gym trainer for 20 years? Did you once challenge Arnold Schwarzenegger to a bodybuilding competition? Talk about it!

What if you’re a gluten free baker? That’s trendy enough nowadays. But what if you turned to GF cooking because you developed an allergy in your mid thirties and you’ve dedicated your culinary expertise to making the absolute best chocolate chip cookies on earth? Tell people!

Embracing your differences ties well with the idea of being open and trustworthy to your customers. Your unique experiences make your business different from every other one even if it feels like every original idea has been taken.

So long as you are excited about what you do your unique take on your work will shine through to your customers. Don’t be afraid to use that.

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