Business Video Accessibility with Closed Captions

Make Your Business’ Videos Accessible

Be sure your business uses closed captions to reach the full market in your industry

The age of internet technology makes information readily available at the click of a mouse. Suddenly your article on cats in boxes is available all over the globe – and probably in a few different languages if it’s popular enough. But the age of easily accessible information has led to innovations that may not be top of mind for business owners.  Take closed captioning for instance.

Closed Caption in Videos

If your business makes video content and uploads it onto a host like YouTube, are you making sure your audience has access to any closed captioning services? YouTube, for example makes this process an easy fix for busy businesses. They’re able to automate your captioning through sound recognition transcription software. And, like many programs like talk-to-text, it isn’t always accurate.

Where it goes wrong

Over the last week, we at Unleashed Mobile Apps have been curating our videos with accurate captioning. We go through each video’s transcription created by YouTube and correct any errors or grammatical issues. We can’t expect the system to get everything right, but we do want to make sure our customers who use closed captioning have access to correct information. Not to mention when people have their sound off because they are at work and can’t listen or are scrolling through feeds, they can still see what we are saying. It really is a win-win.

We are not “unleash mobile peps” presented by the “app vodka.” And we’re certainly not bragging about business clients like “common ark” or “intrepid asset manager.” We are Unleashed Mobile Apps presented by the App Mama. We are always bragging about our clients such as Community Bark Bay View and Entasis Asset Management. Notice the difference and how that could confuse things?

You can’t win them all.

Take the time to make it write right 🙂

These typo fixes weren’t too hard to make once we got a hang of YouTube’s transcription program. Each video became easier than the last and each session was well worth the time. We want to be represented properly and in the most accessible way possible which is why we made the effort to fix the captions.

YouTube has made great strides to be an accessible video platform and we’re grateful to be able to utilize their services to show off our clients and let customers know how innovative our mobile app technology is for business owners and non-profit organizations.

YouTube or third-party transcription service

If you are using a site like YouTube to host your business’ videos check out their transcription service. It’s user friendly and a snap to work with.

If you’re using another video hosting site and you haven’t tried their captioning services before, take a look around and see if you can find it. If you can’t, contact the company directly or reference their help section. Captioning your videos is an easy way to make your business more accessible and customer friendly.

Your customers will thank you for it.

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