Mobile Apps Help Your Biz Survive When Social Goes Down

Surviving the Unsocial Media

How mobile apps can save you when social media goes silent

The week of March 11th, for two days, March 13 and 14, all around the world Facebook and Instagram were down or working at partial capacity.  By the afternoon of March 14 the websites seemed to be up and running again, but they were coming off of the longest crash ever due to a “server configuration change” according to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

So here we are. We survived the day and a half of unsocial media. Now what?

What happens when your “money cow” is no longer there?

If you’re an uber social media user for your business, the loss of both social platforms likely caused a rough go of things. Your interactions, page reaches, and all of your stats were incredibly wonky, let alone the tools you used to schedule posts, etc. There is a lot to be said for staying engaged with your customers on social media, but what happens when everything crashes or comes to a halt? What’s your backstop, or back up plan?

Do you have a back up plan?

That is the beauty of integrating a mobile app into your business strategy. Whether Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media is part of your overall game plan, you have no control over how to reach your clients and/or target market if something major happens online. With a mobile app you can still reach your customers or, in the case of social media failure, double down on your communications to make sure everyone is informed as much as if you were utilizing social media per usual.

As much as we’ve grown accustomed to our global media technologies, they are like giant machines in a factory. Sometimes things breakdown, but we’ve gotten so used to them getting back up again that a whole day of malfunction can be difficult to overcome.

With the power of a mobile app you are utilizing your own ability to draw traffic. You don’t have to rely on another media machine to get it together for the sake of your business. It’s at times like these when business owners often wonder if putting all their eggs in the social media basket is a positive or negative.

The truth is, it’s both.

Keep in front of your customers even when social media goes down

Any opportunity to engage with your clients is a good opportunity to take, but by being in charge of your traffic via a mobile app you are ensuring that there is no wasted day in your business plan. Without another means of quickly communicating with your customers you are missing out on potential sales and connections. There is no reason your business’ daily income should be affected so deeply by any kind of social media malfunction.

We’re here to make sure that if the big meltdown of 2019 was a bad day for your company that a social media silence day, two, or more, doesn’t interfere with your bottom line again.

By integrating a mobile app into your business’ overall communications strategy you are giving yourself an immediate plan B. You can use the app to keep in touch even when all is well in cyberspace and develop a backup plan for when things go wrong on your own website. There is no sense in losing an entire day’s traffic all over a bug in the system.

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