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Guest Blog: Making Business Personal

Business relationships make business more personal

When I launched my full-time freelancing business a month ago, I was terrified. I was excited too, of course, but mostly terrified. I was a bundle of nerves worrying about whether or not I’d be able to make a living wage. I was worried about insurance, taxes, handling the responsibilities of small business ownership and paying our bills.

Now, a month later, I know going freelance was the best thing I could have done.

Relationships are key

I’ve always been a cultivator of relationships. Meeting people and working with them has always been the thing I’m good at despite anything I’ve said to the contrary. I get shy and awkward around new people, but I’m always genuinely on the lookout to help whenever and wherever I can.

That is how in less than a month I’m making more money working for myself than I ever did working for someone else.

It turns out that drive to help others and my fondness for making new friends is pivotal to making a successful freelancing career. I’m also incredibly lucky to work with folks that I genuinely adore and who are also looking out for me. I’ve never been happier in my career because who I work with and when I work with them is totally up to me.

Surround yourself with good people

Which means I’m surrounding myself with people who believe in what I do and who I believe in as well. This is when mixing the personal and business is lucrative for everyone.

When one of my businesses is having a really great social media week, something I help them manage, I celebrate for them. I love to see others succeed in what they do. It’s such a joy to watch other small businesses grow and dominate their fields no matter how different they are from my typical writing niche.

Thanks to my plethora of fantastic business comrades, I have a successful lineup of writing and management opportunities. My portfolio has never been healthier or happier and neither have I. In a gig economy finding businesses that can truly appreciate and work with freelancers is a dream come true. Having business owners who embrace what it takes to support a freelancer’s dream as well as their career is truly something to behold.

I’m grateful to say I know quite a few of those incredibly supportive small business owners. They are my colleagues, my clients and most importantly my friends. This week and always I am grateful for their support and belief in another wide eyed small business owner’s dream.

Finn Write

I founded Unleashed Mobile Apps with the goal to help small business owners bring their visions to life.
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