Help Consumers Be Less Fee-Strated

Don’t Get Fee-strated

Don't get frustrated with fees, be transparent

I saw a play the other day and overheard other audience members talking about the theater company’s mobile app. They didn’t know it existed until they were looking for tickets for the show we were seeing.

And they might not have purchased tickets if they hadn’t found it.

Consider the fees

“The fees are so ridiculous,” the one woman said. She talked about the ticketing website she usually uses to buy tickets. They have a lot of fees associated with ticket purchasing that she couldn’t justify paying because she didn’t know what they went to.

Whereas the theater’s app just had a credit card service fee. It was minimal, she knew what the fee was for. And it didn’t nearly double her ticket purchase.

I’ve been put off by fees myself in the past.

App fees vs third party site fees

When trying to buy tickets to an event through Ticketmaster my price jumped from $40 to nearly $70 between all of the additional service fees. That show wasn’t much of a bargain after all.

But because the theater company was using their own app to sell tickets they were able to control the fees associated with the purchases. They were able to stay true to their mission to keep their shows accessible by not charging their audiences exorbitantly.

The audience members sitting by me felt grateful that their favorite local theater company could offer such a great service to them. It was a small way that the company could thank their audience members without even thinking about it.

They set up the system and the rest takes care of itself.

Loyalty and customer service via mobile apps

Customer service might not have even been their first thought when the company set up their app. When I read into the app a little more it appears that they set it up as a means to let their audiences know more about the shows without taking up more space in the programs.

It was also a way to let them know about upcoming events, promote their performers’ other gigs and celebrate anything worth celebrating. Ticketing wasn’t even at the top of the description of their app.

But it was there. And it is bringing folks into their shows.

They were saving their audiences from becoming fee-strated. Frustrated with the numerous fees associated with trying to have a fun night out with loved ones.

Are your customers feeling fee-strated by your current purchase structure? Perhaps it’s time to take your purchasing methods mobile. Contact Unleashed Mobile Apps to get more information about the large variety of mobile app features you can take advantage of with your business and get to appreciating not just your loyal customers but all of them.

I founded Unleashed Mobile Apps with the goal to help small business owners bring their visions to life.
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