How mobile apps can save you when social media goes silent

Surviving the Unsocial Media

The week of March 11th, for two days, March 13 and 14, all around the world Facebook and Instagram were down or working at partial capacity.  By the afternoon of March 14 the websites seemed to be up and running again,...

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Mobile App Ordering is Always Expanding

Why your restaurant / business needs mobile app ordering According to a February 4th article by QSR Magazine: “Restaurant digital orders have grown at an average annual rate of 23 percent since 2013 and will triple in volume by the end...

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Got a Blog?

A business colleague of mine has been publishing blogs and articles on her website for years. She’s proud of her work and knows that her customers that engage with it appreciate her insights. The problem? Only about 10% of her customers...

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Don’t Get Fee-strated

I saw a play the other day and overheard other audience members talking about the theater company’s mobile app. They didn’t know it existed until they were looking for tickets for the show we were seeing. And they might not have...

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Social Media Marketing Tryouts

Social media is a tricky marketing beast. It seems like every other day there is a new rule or standard about posting frequency, length, time, etc. There is a year old article at Adespresso that still has some really good advice...

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Create an APP-solutely Unbeatable Customer Experience

A mobile app creates a multitude of new ways to engage with your customers. But there are three main points businesses see right away in regard to their customer service abilities within a mobile app. Reliable communication This is a big...

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Apps Mean Loyalty

How many local coffee shop punch cards are buried at the bottom of your purse? Met their watery end in the laundry? Fell out of your pocket at the bus stop? How many times have you finally scored that free java,...

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Mobile apps are the communication tool for small biz in the future

Communicating for the Future

The fax machine was once an innovator – a noisy one at that. The whirring device could easily send a message or a copy to your client in a matter of seconds or minutes. Enter Email Email revolutionized communication making fax...

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See how mobile apps help small businesses grow

Why Small Businesses Grow Using Mobile Apps

Brilliant Breakthroughs’ 50th podcast featuring our very own App Mama, Nancy sharing her wisdom, Why Small Businesses Grow Using Mobile Apps. BB50: Why Small Businesses Grow Using Mobile Apps With Nancy Lucchesi (intro) Maggie: You are a small business owner and...

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