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Clients Leading the Way

As a mobile app creator, we are always looking for ways to innovate our technology for our clients. So often our clients are innovating within their communities. Take, for example, PumpFive, the fuel delivery service. They’re less than a year old and already are making strides to improve the lives of their customers as well as making a mark on the business community.

We’re so proud to be their chosen app partner, especially right now as they’ve just won Project Pitch It. It is a Wisconsin based show similar to that of “Shark Tank” where local entrepreneurs can win prizes valued at over $30,000 every week. PumpFive is the most recent winner and will receive a $10,000 cash prize. That’s not all, they get twelve years of office space, staff support and business classes at Cardinal Stritch University and attendance at a forum with investors as well as marketing, finance and networking experts.

How PumpFive is leading the charge w/ their app

PumpFive is an app based company that delivers fuel to the consumer! No more drudging to the gas station or wasting valuable work time refilling company vehicles – PumpFive does that all for you. They’re able to offer competitive gas prices since they buy their product wholesale and are not in competition with other companies. It’s a terrific value for both individuals as well as businesses. Businesses won’t have to issue countless company credit cards and deal with reimbursement receipts as the app takes out most of that for you.

Members pay a $19.99 monthly fee in addition to buying the gas as they go. PumpFive employees come to your vehicle via an in app mapping system.

How it started

Talethea Thompson is the founder and CEO and thought of the idea sitting in her car at an intersection one day. Though the company is currently only able to service local vehicles, there are big dreams in play.  “In the greater Milwaukee area, but give us some time,” Thompson said in her Project Pitch It episode. “Absolutely this is something we plan on doing nationally.”

Thompson said she came to Project Pitch It because the company is growing so quickly. Up until now the company had just been herself and her husband.  However, they are now hiring three additional employees to handle their three new company vehicles.

We are always so excited to see our clients, new and old, grow and take on new challenges. We’re so proud to be partnered with PumpFive and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them. Congratulations again!

Download PumpFive’s App:

Should you be ready to lead the charge like PumpFive and need some ideas for custom mobile apps or have an idea already and are ready to design, contact Unleashed Mobile Apps to get started on your mobile app development right away.

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