Got a Blog - Take it to Your Mobile App

Got a Blog?

A business colleague of mine has been publishing blogs and articles on her website for years. She’s proud of her work and knows that her customers that engage with it appreciate her insights. The problem? Only about 10% of her customers know the blog or articles are even around!

That’s where your mobile app can really come in handy!

Sure, some websites let you know via email when a new article or blog post goes live, but how often do you actually open those emails? Receiving a push notification or an alert on an app on the phone you’re constantly using anyway can be a major advantage. When I asked my friend her email open rate (she hadn’t checked in a while) she was astounded to see that it was less than 10%.

Ten percent of the 10% of her customers were seeing her new posts! Writing news or information for her customers takes time and it’s disheartening to learn that your work isn’t being seen. We love to help customers get word out about their written word, that’s why we’re proud to offer blog options on our mobile app services.

We understand how crucial it is for customers to know the businesses they interact with on a personal level, blogs really help with that expectation. Not only that, but it provides so much additional value for the consumer and provides credibility for the business. By consistently engaging with your customers you give them insight into who you are as both a person and a business. Your blog is the catharsis of your work, so make sure people can easily find it!

For us, our blogs give us the chance to give you a little insight about what we do as a company as well as some of our thoughts on the business world in general. It also gives us a chance to let you know what makes us tick— if you’ve been with us for a while you know that beaches and The Packers are two of those things!

We’d be heartbroken if our work wasn’t read by you, so let us help make sure that your customers are hearing from you too! Contact Unleashed Mobile Apps today to find out how to get your blogs in the hands of your customers and target market with a mobile application for your business!

I founded Unleashed Mobile Apps with the goal to help small business owners bring their visions to life.
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