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Consider a Mobile App For Business Processes

Use a mobile app for your work orders

Your business needs an upgrade in the form of a mobile app for your business processes!  Not sure what you should be looking for, or why it even matters?  Let’s take a look at it in detail and get a feel for how it’s really going to help your business succeed.

How is a mobile app going to improve my business & process?

If you’re not entirely sure how a mobile app is going to make the difference that you think it should, here are some of the prime ways that it can offer support that’s actually useful!

Record work orders and data without data transfer

Work orders can be a pain, especially if you are out on a job, and need to update information, or the customer called the main office to advise information that you need to get to your service personnel.  A comprehensive service mobile app such as this will help you to access everything you need, from the main office to the service person in the field, from whatever device each is using.  You won’t have to them call the service person to tell them about the new details and all the while that person may be driving or working on another house and then need to pull over to write the notes. It’s all recorded in the app, so once arriving to the house or work order, pull open the app and access all need to know info.  This just makes it convenient and doable for a much more accurate work order and service experiences!

Accept and rely on mobile-based up sales

It might not be something that you want to get into right away, but mobile-based up sales are crucial for your sales team. This is perfect for when they are in front of a customer providing a service, they can mention other options, more products or services and get those scheduled while they are in front of them!  It is super convenient for your sales team AND for the customer – so a win win for sure.  We know how hard it is to follow up with a customer later, get them on the phone or even spending money to market to them other ways – take advantage of the time you are with them.  Plus, it helps keep your company in front of them so the competition will have a harder time sweeping your customer out from underneath you.

Offer on-demand customer serviceCreate processes and use a mobile app to make them more efficient

This is one of the best nuggets that you can put in your mobile app.  Again, being in front of the customer and able to offer on-demand customer services is going to be helpful for the customer and also help the sales and service team provide exceptional customer service options.  Most employees and sales teams prefer an electronic-based service for customer support and service, anyway.  It could be a win-win!

Determining the app to use for my business

One of the best ways to see in real form how a mobile app can make all of your business practices so much easier is by taking a look at it in action.  EasyBreezy is a great one to show you just how it all can come together to streamline, automate, and offer control on both sides of the app as far as use and efficiency.  Mobile apps don’t need to be complex in order to be useful, or shouldn’t be.

That’s where Unleashed Mobile Apps comes in. We have worked with tons of business owners creating customer facing apps but also business apps whereas it is meant for the sales teams to use to increase productivity, improve sales and just make your business processes smooth.

At the end of the day, the goal is going to be to make everything that you do for your business much more convenient.  When you put a mobile app into the mix for both the employees and customers to use, this convenience is shared so that everyone can see and appreciate the steps that you are taking to promote easier business processes.  The future is in apps, so getting on board in your own way is going to be integral to making sure you’re ready for it!

I founded Unleashed Mobile Apps with the goal to help small business owners bring their visions to life.
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