To App or Not to App

To App or Not to App

We’ve been telling folks for years about the benefits of having a mobile app. We’ve laid out statistics, testimonials and information from publications and other techies alike. But we’ve never come across a guide so informative as the one that came our way from Codester this week.

In their guide Codester divvies up a multitude of reasons why an app is perfect for your business, how to develop an app that works for you and everything you could possibly need to know about the technology of today.

We could not rave enough about this guide which is so user friendly it should be criminal. They’ve broken it into eight easy to digest segments for business owners of all tech savviness levels.

We have split this guide into 8 chapters:

  1. The Benefits of Creating an App
  2. Types of Apps You Can Build
  3. Popular Types of Apps According to the Industry
  4. Most Popular Languages to Build Apps With
  5. What You Need to Know Before Building an App
  6. The Step by Step Guide to Creating Your Own App
  7. App Templates or No Templates?
  8. Do you need help with your app idea?

The guide was posted last month and is filled with juicy up to date data that reaffirms the fact that mobile apps are not just the future they are the cornerstones of businesses today.

Codester opens their guide with these wise words:

“In case you haven’t heard, mobile is taking over desktop. More and more users are ditching their laptops and heading to their mobiles to consume content.

In fact, time spent per day on mobile phones has increased about 575% in just 3 years. What’s more, around 80% of the time spent on mobile phones is spent using apps.”

Mobile phone use has gone up 575% in the last three years?! That is unbelievable. It’s an unsurprising statistic, but that’s what makes it so remarkable. We are evermore attached to our mobile devices for communicating, getting around, ordering groceries, photographing our lives and so much more that it seems impossible to imagine the world without it.

Especially in the realm of business.

Right now we are offering free 30 minute app consultations to find what will work best for you. Why not reach out and see what we have to offer?

After all, it isn’t a matter of “if” your business will need an app, but “when.”

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