Mobile apps are the communication tool for small biz in the future

Communicating for the Future

The fax machine was once an innovator – a noisy one at that. The whirring device could easily send a message or a copy to your client in a matter of seconds or minutes. Enter Email Email revolutionized communication making fax...

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Community Bark, Bayview, Makes Their Punch Card Digital!

If “dogs are man’s best friend” then a mobile app has GOT to be man’s best backup. “Lost and found” Have you ever been to your favorite coffee shop and realized that you left your punch card — and therefore your...

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See how mobile apps help small businesses grow

Why Small Businesses Grow Using Mobile Apps

Brilliant Breakthroughs’ 50th podcast featuring our very own App Mama, Nancy sharing her wisdom, Why Small Businesses Grow Using Mobile Apps. BB50: Why Small Businesses Grow Using Mobile Apps With Nancy Lucchesi (intro) Maggie: You are a small business owner and...

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Local First Podcast with The App Mama

Here what The App Mama has to say about supporting local business in her “Local First Podcast”. Local First Transcription R— Nancy Lucchesi, founder of Unleashed Mobile Apps and number one best-selling author. Lucchesi’s work centers around helping other business owners...

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Making Your Mobile App More ‘You’

No matter what your mobile app does, you want it to reflect who you are, while showcasing a value of your business for your consumers. It shouldn’t necessarily be a carbon copy of your website, though that doesn’t stop some businesses...

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Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

We are living in an age of endless information. Whether we like it or not we’re growing accustomed to immediate gratification. No one knows that reality better than business owners. The need for NOW Your customers need service NOW, they need...

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Making Your Mobile App Work For You

Whether you’ve got last minute appointments or too many chocolate chip cookies, your mobile app by Unleashed Mobile Apps can do that extra leg work for you. How mobile apps help with the leg work We turn cancellations into paying customers....

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Just because you have a mobile website doesn't mean you don't need a mobile app

I Already Have a Website – Why Do I Need a Mobile App?

“I already have a website, why do I need an app?” It’s a question for businesses just venturing into the world of mobile apps. You may have had this thought yourself. It’s a fair question. The truth is, right now, you...

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Why You SHOULDN’T Work With Us

The worst thing is when you are constantly being bombarded with useless information. You don’t need a mobile app for your business. You are probably thinking you are all set in your business; you don’t need any help. Your business is...

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