Why You SHOULDN’T Work With Us

The worst thing is when you are constantly being bombarded with useless information. You don’t need an app. You are probably thinking you are all set in your business; you don’t need any help. Your business is doing fine, and you know what, that is great. I wish everyone could have the success you’re having. In fact, I’m going to tell you exactly why you shouldn’t work with us.


Don’t work with us if:

  • You Have All The Customers You Need.

Who wants more customers? Who wants to be more successful? Who wants to reach that age group who seems to be just out of reach? You like your regulars and you are making it so far. It’s not like apps are the new great thing. It’s not like just about EVERYONE has a phone in their hands these days. Your customers don’t need to be reminded with a notification that you exist.


  • You Don’t Want to Grow Your Brand.

Again with the reaching out to a broader audience, didn’t you already say that you have all the customers you need? It’s not like things will ever change. It never helps to send out a reminder on your sale for the week, or those bowling scores from your leagues, or about those coupons you can program into an app.


  • You Don’t Want Happy Customers

Now hold on for one second. “My customers are happy,” you say. With an app your customers will have the convenience of having all their coupons in one place, or having their punch card on hand. No one wants to wait for that person with the huge purse who is constantly digging for coupons. For that matter no one wants to be that person digging for coupons either.


  • You Don’t Want to Make Your Life Easier

You shouldn’t work with us if you want less hassle in your life. This technology will make your life easier by ensuring that you don’t have to work as hard to drive people to your business. If you feel stretched thin, the app will help you manage your time by driving people to your business without you having to lift a finger. Even if your business is doing well, you can still get some extra promotions with an app and it’s another tool to gain more customers.


If you have all of these things down, then good for you, you must be a great business owner. If your business is exactly what you hoped and dreamed it would be, that is fantastic. Don’t work with us then. We are looking for those businesses who are looking to grow and make life a little easier.

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