Don’t Overthink It – Keeping It Simple

When you’re just starting out as a small business or an entrepreneur it can be tempting to offer your clients or customers anything and everything to keep them happy. But if you’re just beginning your journey or you’re a solopreneur overloading your business with unnecessary tasks is just that—unnecessary.

You set out to do a specific thing or to offer a specific set of services and products. There are other businesses around to offer other things so when you’re just starting out you really need to hyper-focus on what got you into it in the first place.

Forbes offers a great list of ten tips to starting a small business and, unsurprisingly, keeping things simple sits at fourth place. Sure, it’s not the most important advice for small business owners, but it’s still an important idea to keep in mind.

According to Mike Kappel at Forbes:

If you’re like many entrepreneurs, you have a business idea and you’re ready to run with it. Be careful not to let your concept snowball into something over-complicated. You could end up with an expensive, elaborate end-product that nobody wants to buy.

As a new business owner, try to start small and narrow your focus. Learn how to test your business idea. Create a simple, quality good or service. A successful business idea should fulfill promises to customers and exceed expectations.

Cut unnecessary features that water down your offerings and cost you money. As a small business, you don’t need all the bells and whistles of a giant corporation. It will be easier to add to your business as it grows.

Trying to incorporate too many ideas at once is overwhelming to a new business and therefore its new clients. You want to be known for what you’re strongest at rather than trying to be known for so many different things. Not only is keeping things simple good advice to maintain your own sanity, but it’s also important to build your brand.

After all, when you’re just starting out there isn’t much recognition for your brand outside of your inner circle of friends and your business network.

Building a brand goes hand in hand with specialized business. Brand recognition is important in building value for your business and also creating buzz in your community. You want to be known for something.

You go to a certain place for a haircut, a home renovation or even a website maker. You don’t go to one place for all of those things, so why try to do that to your own business? Growth and expansion is something to consider down the road once you’ve established yourself in your community and client base, but for now you need to focus on what you’re best at.

What are you best at? What inspired you to get into your line of work? Let us know!

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