Apps for Other Types of Businesses: Life Coach

I have had a few people ask me how they can use an app with their brand of business. The next few blog articles will be focused solely on how to use an app with several different types of businesses out there. This week will be focused on the business of being a Life Coach.

Push Notifications

Push notifications inform your customers about new events happening with your business. They are also a great way to send a message to your customers. The message could be something as simple as sending out a quote of the day or a piece of inspiration to your clients. This feature can also be linked to your events tab.


The Events tab can be used to let your clients know when you have an upcoming event, where you will be and what time the event is happening. Your customers can also RSVP and let you know that they will be coming. This tab can also be used for a raffle or a drawing that you might be having.

Questions and Answers

Many Life Coaches want to be accessible to their customers and be able to answer any questions that they might have. Why not keep it all in the same place? We would also be able to include a place for frequently asked questions so you won’t need to repeat yourself.

Email/Contact Form

Make yourself more accessible! You can link your email to your app so that your customers will have an easier time contacting you. You can also create a default contact form for your clients with an app, again keeping everything in one place.


We are all so busy but life gets easier when we have a one-stop place to go for all our information. By using a calendar with an app, customers can schedule appointments, check on their appointments, and it will keep you aware of your valuable time as well.


Lastly, there are a majority of Life Coaches out there who have a YouTube Channel so that you can give advice in a personal manner, every day. This is a great feature to have connected to your app. The videos will be uploaded right into your customers’ hands. (They won’t even have to search for it!)


These are just a few features that a Life Coach can use with an app. These are the basic options that can be used for a Life Coach.

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