Apps for Other Types of Businesses: Blogger

If you are a Blogger and wondering how an app can work for you, you’re in luck! Today I will be looking into the ways that an app can work for your blogging business.

Mailing List

With our apps you can automatically move your mailing list over from your website which will make it a lot easier to let the readers know that you posted a new blog. This is also an easier way for your fans to end up on your email list as they can use their email when they sign up for your app.

We can create a forum where people can leave comments or feedback for you on your page. You will also be able to manage the comments from the app. Once again, this will make your business more convenient for you since it will be in the palm of your hand.

Music Tab

Adding a music tab to your app will give your readers a better way to connect with your writing. This could be music that inspires you or maybe it would be a song that goes with a specific blog.


What if your blog is on YouTube? We have a spot for that too. You can easily display videos from your YouTube channel to (in) your mobile app so people can still follow what you are doing. It helps when you can take a video and immediately upload it to your YouTube channel as opposed to having to wait until you get home to post the video.


As a blogger you probably have a website for your work. You can connect your app to your website so you don’t have to do any extra work. The app would be able to integrate any mobile friendly pages allowing your fans to have more flexibility with the page.


If you prefer to work in a podcast format, we can also tie that into the app. I know a few bloggers who are creating podcasts or being featured on a podcast. This will keep your followers informed of activity outside of your blog.  This makes it easier for the writer to keep all of this information in one place which, in turn, will make it easier for your followers as well. People like having all their information in one place, which is what the app would give them.

As you can see, there are a lot of feature that benefit Bloggers and many of them can benefit other businesses you might have. The app can be tailored to fit what you need.


  1. FahadOctober 27, 2017

    Wow! great information. Apps are making life very easy. But there are some unfair tricks to rank an app in mobile apps store.
    May be you know there is mobile app ranking company in china, having ten thousands cell phones are using to rate other android apps for huge money. in this way, apps of less quality can be rank in top of app store.
    Quality must be 1st factor.

    1. Nancy LucchesiNovember 2, 2017

      Completely agree. If your downloads are not authentic they are of no value to the business.


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